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Onewe Albums

There are 9 Onewe albums released to date including 1 studio album titled One, 4 extended plays, 2 singles, and 2 demo albums. The first 2 EPs Feeling Good Day and Make Some Noise were released by the former company of Onewe, Modern K, while the group itself was known M.A.S 0094 (Make a Sound 0094). The full-length record titled One came out under RBW (after the members left Modern K and were renamed MAS under their new company). The group is very active during the composing process of their music.

Although Feeling Good Day is the group's first physical album, it was available in a promotional, very limited quantity, and only in a modest jewel case format. Nowadays it is almost impossible to get. The first widely distributed release of Onewe (at that time still M.A.S 0094) was Make Some Noise.

Below is the list of all Onewe albums in order.

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Feeling Good Day Mini Album

The first mini album of the KPop group was Feeling Good Day. It was released by Modern K on March 25, 2016. It is composed of 6 tracks including Feeling Good, After 15 Seconds, Butterfly Find a Flower, I Wish, and two instrumental versions (of Feeling Good and After 15 Seconds). Feeling Good was served as the title song, while Butterfly Find a Flower was previously released digitally as a single on August 13, 2015. The members were very active during the composing process of the music for this Onewe album.

Onewe (M.A.S 0094) Feeling Good Day Mini Album Cover

Feeling Good Day was available in a simple jewel case format with a yellow CD disk inside featuring five items - a guitar, a base guitar, a digital piano, drums and a microphone.

Make Some Noise Mini Album

The second Onewe album was titled Make Some Noise and was released on January 6, 2017 by Modern K. It was manufactured by WhyN and distributed by CJ E&M. It contains 6 tracks - the title Make Some Noise, Bubijuk Bibijuk, Starlight, and the instrumental tracks for all three songs.

Onewe (M.A.S 0094) Make Some Noise Mini Album Cover

The physical edition of the second of Onewe albums is available in 1 version. It comes in a red rectangular package with a photo of all members of Onewe on the cover. The album consists of a black CD disk and a 23 pages booklet attached to the back side of the front cover.

One Studio Album

The first full-length album of the group titled One had its premiere on May 26, 2020. The album was limited to 5,000 copies. It came out under RBW and was manufactured by Yein Art. Genie Music Corp. was responsible for the distribution. One consists of 12 tracks including Crazy Good, the title End of Spring, the 2019 version of the song Feeling Good, Love Me, Q featuring Hwasa of Mamamoo, Regulus, IF, 0&4, Ring on my Ears, Reminisce about All, Ring on my Ears, and Rock version of End of Spring. Q was previously released on Onewe's digital single 3/4. The title track was composed by Kim Do-hun, Seo Young-bae and CyA. CyA also took part in the creating process of all songs on this Onewe album except Reminisce about All.

The studio album compiles all songs from the group's singles 1/4, 2/4 and 3/4, with three additional new tracks.

Onewe One Studio Album Cover

Despite the limited quantity, One did pretty well on the Gaon chart by reaching position number 13. It also peaked at number 2 on the Billboard's Next Big Sound Chart.

The physical edition of this Onewe album comes in a photobook form with a colorful cover (213 x 300 x 12 mm). It is composed of a CD in an envelope, three pieces of merchandise representing each of the previous digital singles of the group - accordion postcards representing their debut (as Onewe) 1/4 (100 x 150 mm), 12 pages drawing book representing 2/4, and a 24 pages photobook representing 3/4 (182 x 257 mm), 1 big photobook with 76 pages of pictures (210 x 297 x 6 mm), and 2 random photo cards added from a lot of 10 sheets (5 per member) of a typical size of 55 x 85 mm.

2 different posters were issued for this album. Both measure 405 x 610 mm.

Studio We: Recording Demo Album

The first demo album of Onewe titled Studio We: Recording was released under RBW on October 15, 2020 (although it was available digitally since September 24, 2020). It contains 9 tracks including Parting, its instrumental version, and 7 CD-only songs - Parting (Prologue Mix), Love Me (Guitar Rough), 0&4 (Dialogue Rough), Crazy Good (Rock Vibe), If (181125_2), and Reminisce About All (Sunset Guitar Vibe).

Onewe Studio We: Recording Demo Album Cover

The demo album managed to reach number 17 on the weekly Gaon chart, and sold more than 7,000 copies.

Physically, Studio We: Recording comes in a single, modest version. It is composed of a CD disk, a 54 pages photobook, 1 random postcard, 2 individual member photo cards selected out of 10 variants (5 per each member), and a group poster included out of 2 options.

Memory: Illusion Single Album

The single album Memory: Illusion came out on December 11, 2020 under RBW. It consists of 4 tracks including Trauma (Aquarium), the lead single A Book in Memory (alongside its instrumental version), and Eraser.

The single peaked at the 16th position on the Gaon chart, and sold more than 14,000 copies.

Onewe Memory: Illusion Single Album Cover

There is only 1 physical version of Memory: Illusion available. It has a green cover and is composed of 80 pages photobook, the CD disk, 1 bookmark selected randomly out of 5 variants, and 2 photo cards included at random out of 10 different sheets.

2 group were prepared for this Onewe release. Both measure 610 x 405 mm and feature all five members of the band.

Planet Nine: Alter Ego Mini Album

Planet Nine: Alter Ego is the third extended play of Onewe and the first installment into the Planet Nine series of albums. It premiered on June 16, 2021 under RBW. On the CD you will find a total number of 7 tracks. That includes the intro Spaceship, Rain to Be, AuRoRa, Logo, A.I., Veronica and Cosmos. Rain to Be was selected as the lead single, for which a music video had been released.

Onewe Planet Nine: Alter Ego Mini Album Cover

The EP managed to reach number 12 on the Gaon weekly chart. It quickly sold 19,897 units (by the end of July 2021).

The release comes in a single physical version. It is of a rectangular format and depicts all members of the band on the front cover. Inside the package you will find a CD disk, a 136 pages photobook, a sheet of stamp stickers, 1 random photo card with the addition of a unit card, and 1 poster included out of 3 in the first press units of the album.

Studio We: Recording #2 Demo Album

The second demo album of the group had its premiere on December 7, 2021 under RBW. It is marked as #2 and is a continuation of its predecessor. On the CD you will find 12 tracks including Star and its instrumental version, 2 versions of Aurora (191108_1 and 191128_2), Logo (First Live ver.), A.I. (Guitar Rough), Veronica (Draft Guide), Rain to Be (Original Topline ver.), Cosmos (Cosmos Guitar Vibe), A Book in Memory (Sensitive Piano), Aquarium (Trauma ver.), and In Course. Only the opening track and its instrumental is available on the digital edition.

Onewe Studio We: Recording #2 Demo Album Cover

The second demo album peaked at the 17th position on the Gaon weekly chart. It became quite popular and managed to sold more than 10,000 copies.

Similarly to its predecessor it is available in just a single physical version composed of a CD disk of a diameter of 118 mm, a 64 pages photobook, 1 postcard depicting a random member, and 2 photo cards of a standard size added at random out of 10 variants.

Planet Nine: Voyager Mini Album

The second part of the Planet Nine series was released on January 4, 2022 digitally, physically and on streaming. It is composed of 6 songs including Universe_, Envision_, Montage_, Trigger_, Orbit_, and From_. Each of the title is ended with an underscore. The opening track was chosen as the lead single.

The EP charted well on the Gaon weekly chart reaching number 14. It sold more than 20,000 units during its two months after the premiere.

Onewe Planet Nine: Voyager Mini Album Cover

A single physical version was released. It features all 5 members on the cover, photographed in an industrial surroundings. The album consists of several nice collectibles. Aside from the CD disk, you will also get a photo book with 136 pages of pictures, a sheet of stamp stickers, a special passport related to a random member of Onewe, 2 randomly selected photo cards (out of 10 variants, 2 per each member).

Additionally a single poster (selected out of 3 variants) was offered. All of them measure 405 x 610 mm.

Timeless Special Single Album

The second single album of the band came out on May 20, 2022. It was released by RBW and distributed by Kakao Entertainment. This time on the CD you will find 4 tracks, with the latter 2 not available on the digital edition. The songs are Roommate, the 2022 version of Starlight, Roommate (Original Topline ver.), and Starlight (Live ver.). Roommate is serving as the title track.

The special album was released to commemorate the third anniversary of the band's debut.

Timeless reached number 14 on the Gaon chart. It was also another of the group's releases to surpass 10,000 copies in sales.

Onewe Timeless Special Single Album Cover

The physical edition of the single comes in a very original form. It comes in a transparent plastic bag containing the goods. Inside you will find a CD disk in an envelope, a 64 pages photobook (148 x 210 mm), 1 random photoprint selected out of 5 variants (102 x 152 nn), a set of die-cut stickers in a separate container, a folded room deco poster (297 x 420 mm), an ID pictures of a random member (80 x 100 mm), a small standing card with all the members (120 x 100 mm), and finally 2 random photo cards (55 x 85 mm).

3 group posters were issued for this release. They are of a size of 405 x 610 mm.