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MCND Albums

The group released 5 MCND albums so far. All of them are extended plays. They were manufactured by Why N Communication Co., Ltd., released by TOP Media, and distributed by Kakao M Corp. It's worth noting that Castle J is very active when it comes to writing the lyrics, and also composing and arranging the music of the group. The members debuted with their first EP titled Into the Ice Age in February of 2020.

The list of all MCND albums in order is below.

Into the Ice Age Mini Album

The first extended play of the group titled Into the Ice Age was manufactured by Why N Communication Co., Ltd. and released on February 27, 2020 by TOP Media. Kakao M Corp. was responsible for the distribution. The first of MCND albums features the opening track of the same title, Ice Age, Stereotypes, Hey You and Top Gang. Ice Age, serving as the lead single, was composed and arranged by the members of a South Korean production company 153/Joombas Music Group including Hyuk Shin, Blair Taylor and MRey. Castle J wrote the lyrics. He also co-composed and arranged Top Gang, and prepared the lyrics for the song (alongside Bic and Win).

The mini album managed to debut at number 16 on the Gaon Weekly chart, and reached number 8 on the chart during the 12th week of the year. It sold 8,584 copies during February and was the 21st best-selling release of the month. It sold additional 5,814 units the following month and ended at the 35th position on the Gaon Monthly chart.

MCND Into the Ice Age Mini Album Cover

The physical edition of Into The Ice Age is available in a single version. It is of a square shape and measures 180 x 180 mm. Inside the package you will find a CD disk containing all 5 songs (120 x 120 mm), a photobook with some nice pictures, a bookmark representing a random member of MCND, composed of 2 elements of a size 55 x 85 mm and 30 x 140 mm, 1 sheet of photo and logo stickers (120 x 120 mm), and a single photo card added randomly out of 12 variants (2 group and 5 per each member sheets). The photo cards are of a typical size you can find in many currently available KPop albums and measure 55 x 85 mm.

A poster was prepared as a pre-order benefit for those who decided to purchase their copy before the official premiere. It features all members of MCND and its size is 430 x 620 mm.

Earth Age Mini Album

Earth Age is the second extended play and the second of MCND albums in general. It had its premiere on August 20, 2020 under TOP Media and was distributed by Kakao M. On the CD you will find a larger number of tracks than the group's first release - 7, including Intro: Earth Age, Nanana, Breathe, Beautiful, Galaxy, Bumpin' and Outro ; Kepler1649c. Nanana was chosen as the title song. It was composed by Albin Nordqvist, Alexander Karlsson and Alexej Viktorovich, and arranged by JeL. The lyrics were written by Castle J, KZ, Eun Jong Tae and Ssengirl. Castle J co-composed the intro and the outro. He also wrote or co-wrote the lyrics for all the songs on the album. Win and Huijun are credited as the lyricists of Beautiful and Galaxy.

Earth Age reached number 3 on the weekly Gaon chart during the 35th week of 2020, finishing behind Cravity's Season 2. Hideout: The New Day We Step Into, and ATEEZ's Zero: Fever Part.1. With the sales equal 29,665 units it was the 13th most popular album of August 2020 in South Korea.

MCND Earth Age Mini Album Cover

The second of MCND albums is available in 2 physical versions - Earth (blue cover) and Kepler (red cover). Both measure 180 x 180 x 24 mm and feature the title of Earth Age on the cover. They consist of a CD disk in an envelope (118 x 118 mm), a photobook containing 80 pages full of interesting pictures taken during the promotional photoshoot (170 x 170 mm), a blue rectangular bookmark (30 x 140 mm), a sheet of logo and photo stickers (120 x 120 mm), an ID card showcasing the information about a random member of MCND (55 x 85 mm), and a single regular photo card selected randomly out of 6 variants (55 x 85 mm). All goods are unique in each versions of the album except the bookmark and the ID cards.

2 group posters were issued for this MCND album. Both measure 430 x 620 mm.

MCND Age Mini Album

MCND Age is the third mini album of the group. It was released by TOP Media on January 8, 2021 and distributed by Kakao M. There are 7 tracks on the CD - Intro : MCND Age, Louder, Crush, Ko, Ok!, Player, Outro and Not Over. Crush was selected as the lead single. It was composed by 153CreatorsClub, JJ Evans (153/Joombas), EVRYWHR and Ty Steez, while the arrangements were prepared by 153CreatorsClub and Ty Steez. Castle J composed the outro, and is credited as the lyricist of Player and Outro. On March 4, a music video for the follow up song Not Over came out.

MCND Age reached the 4th position on the Gaon Weekly chart, and sold 25,560 copies in January of 2021, becoming the 16th best-selling album of the month in South Korea.

MCND Age Mini Album Cover

Similarly to Earth Age, the third of MCND albums is available in 2 different physical versions - Hit (red cover) and Get (blue cover). The package contains a CD disk in an envelope (118 x 118 mm), an 80 pages photobook with pictures (170 x 170 mm), a sheet of stickers (160 x 160 mm), a bookmark selected randomly out of 5 variants (50 x 140 mm), a folded group posters (495 x 330 mm), and a random photo card included at random from a lot of 10 different sheets (55 x 85 mm).

2 posters were prepared as a pre-order bonus, and included in some of the first press copies of MCND Age. Both showcase the whole group and are of a size of 430 x 620 mm.

The Earth: Secret Mission Chapter.1 Mini Album

The fourth extended play titled The Earth: Secret Mission Chapter.1 premiered on August 31, 2021 under TOP Media. It is the first installment into the new series and consists of 6 songs including the title track Movin', Cat Waltz, Bowwowwow, H.B.C, Play Pungak and Reason.

The mini album did well on the weekly Gaon chart and reached number 6. It managed to sell 15,576 copies in August of 2021 and became the 36th most purchased record of the month in South Korea. It sold additional 11,335 copies in September reaching the 50th position.

MCND The Earth: Secret Mission Chapter.1 Mini Album Cover

The MCND album is available in 2 different physical versions - UR and Reason, both with a picture of the whole group on the cover. They measure 180 x 180 mm and contain a CD disk in an envelope, a photobook of a size of 170 x 170 mm, 1 single sheet of stickers, an accordion mission card, a bookmark selected out of 5 variants, 1 selfie photo card included out of 5 options, 1 figure photo card chosen out of 5 variants, and a folded poster.

2 variants of poster (1 per each of the album versions) were prepared. Both are of a dimensions of 780 x 520 mm.

The Earth: Secret Mission Chapter.2 Mini Album

The second part of the series came out on July 7, 2022 under TOP Media. The album titled The Earth: Secret Mission Chapter.2 consists of 6 songs - W.A.T.1, #Mood, Blow, Red Sun, Juice and Back to You. #Mood serves as the title track. W.A.T.1 was previously released as a single on June 15.

MCND The Earth: Secret Mission Chapter.2 Mini Album Cover

The Earth: Secret Mission Chapter.2 peaked at the 17th position on the weekly Gaon chart.

Physically, the release comes in 2 versions including Bag and Wheel. They measure 180 x 180 mm and are composed of a CD disk in an envelope, a photobook, 1 sheet of stickers of a size of 120 x 170 mm, 1 randomly chosen out of 5 ID card, 1 selfie photo card added at random out of 10 options, a figure photo card included from a lot of 5 unique variants, and a folded poster included out of 2 options.

A single poster (added out of 2 variants) was included in the packages of the first press copies of the album.