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Mamamoo Albums

There are 14 Mamamoo albums released so far including 2 studio albums, 11 extended plays and 1 compilation album. All came out under RBW and were distributed by CJ E&M and Loen Entertainment (later as Kakao M). The group's discography partly consists of a special project titled Four Seasons, Four Colors composed of 4 EPs - Yellow Flower, Red Moon, Blue;s and White Wind. The group debuted with their first release titled Hello in 2014.

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The list of all Mamamoo albums in order is below.

Hello Mini Album

Hello is the debut mini album of Mamamoo and was released by RBW on June 18, 2014. It was distributed by CJ E&M. The EP is composed of seven songs including Hello, Mr. Ambiguous, Heeheehaheho (with Geeks), Baton Touch, I Do Me (performed by Hwasa), Peppermint Chocolate (with K.Will and Wheesung) and Don't Be Happy (with Bumkey). Mr. Ambiguous was chosen as the title track. The three songs Don't Be Happy, Peppermint Chocolate (which is available only on the physical edition) and Heeheehaheho were previously released as singles respectively on January 9, 2014, on February 11 and on May 30.

Mamamoo Hello Mini Album Cover

All the songs from Hello were produced by Kim Do-hoon - the CEO of RBW - who also composed Mr. Ambiguous while the lyrics were written by Min Yeon-jae and Louie of Geeks. I Do Me was composed and written by Hwasa.

The extended play comes in two versions - with red or pink cover but both of them are practically identical. Both consists of a CD disk with music and a photobook but lack of any KPop photo cards. The photobook features the pictures of all members of Mamamoo including Hwasa, Solar, Moonbyul and Wheein.

The first of Mamamoo albums was reissued on June 21, 2018.

Piano Man Mini Album

The second release of Mamamoo discography came out on November 21, 2014. It was initially scheduled to be released the day before but the release was postponed since the promotional music video was not ready yet.

Mamamoo Piano Man Mini Album Cover

It was manufactured and distributed by CJ E&M. It consists of 5 songs - Piano Man (the lead single), Gentleman (with Esna), Love Lane, the piano and the instrumental versions of Piano Man. Love Lane was previously released on July 18, 2014 as part of the soundtrack for South Korean drama Marriage, Not Dating and is only available on the physical edition of the second mini album but not digitally. It's worth noting that the EP is composed of the least amount of songs among all of Mamamoo's EPs. All the tracks were composed by Kim Do-hoon and Esna, with the arrangements of Kim Do-hoon, and written by renowned lyricist Kim Eana.

Piano Man comes in a similar form as Hello but this time the photobook it attached to the front cover. Aside from the photobook in the package you will find a CD disk but again no photo cards are included.

Pink Funky Mini Album

The third extended play of Mamamoo was released on June 19, 2015 under RBW. On the album you will find 9 tracks including Freakin Shoes, Um Oh Ah Yeh (the lead single), Sting, No No No, Self Camera, Ahh Oop! (collaboration with Esna), the acapella and instrumental versions of Um Oh Ah Yeh and the instrumental version of Sting. The three last tracks are only available on the digital edition. Ahh Oop! was released before Pink Funky came out, as a digital single on April 2, 2015. The EP peaked at the 6th position on the Gaon's Weekly chart and the 7th position on the Billboard's US World chart.

Mamamoo Pink Funky Mini Album Cover

The physical edition of Pink Funky is very similar to Piano Man and consists of a CD disk with a photobook attached to the back side of the front cover. And again no photo cards are included with this Mamamoo album.

Melting Studio Album

The first full-length album of Mamamoo has its premiere on February 26, 2016 and features You're the Best as the lead single. It consists of 13 tracks but you can find Girl Crush only on the physical edition of Melting while the instrumental version of the title You're the Best is only available digitally. Other songs are Taller Than You, Words Don't Come Easy, Friday Night (featuring Junggigo), My Hometown, Emotion, I Miss You, Funky Boy, Recipe, Cat Fight and Just. I Miss You, Taller Than You, and Girl Crush were previously released as singles.

Mamamoo Melting Studio Album Cover

Melting reached number 2 on the Gaon's chart and number 8 on Billboard's US World chart. It was also the sixth best selling release in South Korea in February with 18,295 copies.

The Mamamoo album comes in an orange sturdy box with magnetic closure of a dimensions of 141 x 190 x 26 mm. It is composed of a CD disk that looks like a small vinyl record and an 84 pages photobook. This is the first release to include photo cards. In the package you could find 1 random card featuring either one of the member (4 variants, 1 for each member) or a whole group (4 variants).

Two different posters of a size of 621 x 411 mm were issued for this studio album.

Melting was reissued on June 21, 2018.

Memory Mini Album

The fourth extended play of the KPop group was released on November 7, 2016 under RBW with CJ E&M as a company responsible for the distribution. It contains 8 tracks including previously released - Woo Hoo, Angel (performed by Solar and Wheein), Dab Dab (performed by Hwasa and Moonbyul) and New York with Memory, Décalcomanie (the lead single), Moderato (performed by Wheein and Hash Swan), and I Love Too. The EP is the next of Mamamoo albums that was produced by Kim Do-Hoon. Wheein composed (with Park Woo-sang) and wrote the lyrics for Moderato while other members created the lyrics for some of the other songs.

The album managed to reach number 3 on the Gaon's Weekly chart and number 9 on the Monthly chart.

Mamamoo Memory Mini Album Cover

Memory is similar in size to the previous releases of Mamamoo. It comes in a box which looks like the one of Melting but in different color. Inside the package you will find a CD disk, a photobook and 1 random photo card chosen out of 10 different variants. You could get either 1 of two group cards or 1 of 8 individual member cards.

Purple Mini Album

The fifth Mamamoo's extended play came out on June 22, 2017 under RBW and was distributed by CJ E&M. On the CD you will find 5 songs - Yes I Am (title track), Finally, Love & Hate (performed by Moonbyul), Aze Gag and Da Ra Da (performed by Wheein, Jeff Bernat and B.O.). Aze Gag is narrated by Kim Dae Hee and Kim Jun Ho. Love & Hate will be later included in the debut single album of Moonbyul as the soloist titled Selfish. Purple topped the Billboard's US World Albums chart and reached the 2nd place at the Gaon's chart. The single Yes I Am peaked at the 1st position on the South Korean KPop Hot 100 chart.

Mamamoo Purple Mini Album Cover

A special Taiwanese version of the album - titled "Asia Edition" - was released on October 6, 2017 and contains additional 8 songs, remastered versions of singles Mr. Ambiguous, Piano Man, Um Oh, Ah Yeh, You're the Best, Taller Than You, I Miss You, Décalcomanie and New York. A bonus DVD disk is also included with the Asian edition on which you will find the music videos for the remastered versions I mentioned (except Taller Than You and I Miss You) plus for Yes I Am and Aze Gag.

You can choose one of two versions of Purple - either version A (purple cover) or B (mint cover). Inside the package you will find a photobook with 82 pages full of pictures featuring the members, and 1 randomly chosen photo card (added from a unique in both A and B versions lot of 4 sheets). All comes in a package of a dimensions of 141 x 190 x 26 mm. Two posters sized 610 x 405 mm were issued for the fifth EP.

Yellow Flower Mini Album

Yellow Flower is the sixth mini album of Mamamoo and the first installment into their "Four Seasons Four Colors" project. It is dedicated to Hwasa. It was released on March 7, 2018 under RBW and distributed by LOEN Entertainment. It is the first of the Mamamoo albums that topped the weekly Gaon chart. On the CD you will find 7 tracks including From Winter to Spring (Intro), Star Wind Flower Sun, Starry Night, Be Calm (performed by Hwasa), Rude Boy, Spring Fever and Paint Me. Starry Night was chosen as the promotional single. Paint Me was previously released as a single on January 4, 2018. It's worth mentioning that the music videos for both Starry Night and Star Wind Flower Sun were shot in New Zealand.

Mamamoo Yellow Flower Mini Album Cover

The EP has a yellow cover and - as I've said earlier - represents Hwasa. It has a similar look to the previous albums of Mamamoo. Inside the sturdy box (140 x 190 x 26 mm) with a magnet closure you will find a CD disk, a 84 pages photobook with beautiful pictures taken in New Zealand (140 x 190 mm) and a random standard-sized (85 x 55 mm) photo card chosen out of 4 variants. Two different posters of a size of 610 x 405 mm were issued for Yellow Flower.

Red Moon Mini Album

The next extended play of Mamamoo - seventh already - came out on July 16, 2018. Similarly to the previous one Loen Entertainment was responsible for the distribution. This second part of the group's project is dedicated to Moonbyul. Red Moon contains 6 songs - Midnight Summer Dream, Egotistic (title track), Rainy Season, Sky! Sky!, Sleep in the Car and Selfish (performed by Moonbyul and Seulgi of Red Velvet). Rainy Season was a pre-release single that was released on July 1, 2018 while Selfish was included on the solo album of Moonbyul in May. Sky! Sky! was a promotional song for a mobile game titled Icarus M.

Mamamoo Red Moon Mini Album Cover

Red Moon managed to peak at the 3rd and 4th positions on the Gaon's Weekly Chart and US World Albums Chart respectively.

As always in the package (this time of a red color) you will find a CD disk with an interesting pattern, a 84 pages photobook that measures 140 x 190 mm, and a single random photo card chosen randomly out of 8 different versions (2 for each of the members). Two posters were released in conjunction with the mini album. Both measure 405 x 610 mm.

Blue;s Mini Album

The third part of the Four Seasons Four Colors titled Blue;s was released under RBW on November 29, 2018 and distributed by Loen Entertainment. The eight mini album represents Solar. The CD consists of 6 tracks including From Autumn to Winter (Intro), No More Drama, Wind Flower (the lead song), Hello (performed by Solar), Better Than I Thought and Morning. Hello is the only solo song of the project that doesn't have an official music video. Both Moonbyul and Solar composed (along with Kim Do-hoon) and wrote the lyrics for No More Drama.

Mamamoo Blue;s Mini Album Cover

The mini album comes in a blue box of the same type as the previous releases. Inside you will spot a CD disk with the music, a photobook featuring the pictures from a photoshoot taken in Hong Kong (where also the shooting of Wind Flower music video took place), and a photo card added randomly from a lot of 8 sheets (2 sheets per member). This time you could also get 1 of 3 posters of a size of 405 x 610 mm.

White Wind Mini Album

White Wind is the final part of the Four Seasons Four Colors project and represents Wheein. It has its premiere on March 14, 2019 and was distributed by Kakao M. This Mamamoo album is composed of 7 tracks - Where R U, Gogobebe, Waggy, 25 (performed by Wheein), Bad Bye, My Star and 4season (Outro). Gogobebe serves as the title track. White Wind reached the first position on the Gaon's chart.

Mamamoo White Wind Mini Album Cover

The ninth mini album has a white cover and is in a size similar to other Mamamoo releases. In the package with the White Wind you will find a CD, a 82 pages photobook (128 x 177 mm), and a random photo card featuring a single member (from a lot of 8 different variants - 2 for each member) of a size of 85 x 55 mm. This time you will get one additional piece of merchandise - a randomly added special card (out of 4 variants) with a plastic frame to help you keep all 4 cards when you collect them.

Reality in BLACK Studio Album

The second full-length album of Mamamoo titled Reality in BLACK came out on November 14, 2019. Kakao M distributed the album. BLACK stands for "Bless Life And Carry Knowledge". It contains 11 different songs including Destiny (which was performed on the TV show Queendom), Universe, Ten Nights, the title track Hip, 4x4ever, Better, Hello Mama, ZzZz, Reality, High Tension and I'm Your Fan.

Gleam was previously released as a special single on July 24, 2019 as a gift for the fans, before the Daegu concert of the 4Seasons F/W tour that took place on July 27 & 28, 2019.

Mamamoo Reality in BLACK Studio Album Cover

The album reached number 1 on the Gaon's Weekly Chart (Melting managed to peak at number 2).

A Japanese edition of Reality in BLACK was released in Japan on March 11, 2020 by Victor Entertainment. It includes the new song titled Shampoo and the Japanese version of Hip. Type A of the edition contains also a DVD disk with the video material recorded during the 2nd Concert Tour in Japan: 4season Final while with Type B you will get a DVD with the MV for the Japanese version of Hip.

The package of the Korean edition is - as the title suggests - in black color. With this release you will get many interesting goods. In the box you will find a CD disk, a 80 pages random (out of 3) photobook (128 x 177 mm), 12 large cards with the photos of each member (3 cards per member) on one side and the lyrics of all the songs on the other, 2 random regular photo cards chosen out of 8 variants (55 x 85 mm) and 1 lenticular photo card added randomly out of 4 variants (64 x 88.5 mm).

You can put together both the lenticular and the lyrics cards just like a regular jigsaw puzzle - their back side will create a photo.

5 different posters were prepared for this Mamamoo album. All measure 405 x 610 mm.

Travel Mini Album

The tenth mini album of the group titled Travel was released by RBW on November 3, 2020. Kakao M was responsible for the distribution. The record consists of 7 songs including the eponymous opening track, Dingga, Aya, Chuck, Diamond, Good Night, and a physical edition only track Wanna Be Myself. The Japanese version of Travel also contains additional song Just Believe In Love, with the Japanese versions of Aya and Dingga.

Hwasa and Moonbyul participated in the producing of some of the songs.

Mamamoo Travel Mini Album Cover

Travel managed to reach number 2 on the Gaon weekly chart, and number 4 and 5 on the Oricon and Japan Hot Albums charts respectively. It sold 164,167 copies during its premiere month and finished as the 6th best-selling release in Korea in November 2020.

Physically, the EP is available in 2 different versions - Deep Green and Light Green. Both are of a rectangular format and measure 140 x 190 x 25.5 mm. Inside the package you will find a CD disk, a photobook, a single sheet of stickers, a booklet and a photo card. 5 different posters were issued for this release. All of them are of a size of 405 x 610 mm.

WAW (Where Are We) Mini Album

WAW is the eleventh mini album of Mamamoo, and a part of the Where Are We project consisting also of a concert and a documentary. It came out on June 2, 2021 under RBW, with the distribution provided by Kakao Entertainment. On the CD you will find 4 tracks including Where Are We Now, Another Day, A Memory For Life and Destiny Part.2. The Japanese edition also contains the songs Happier than Ever, Mumumumuch, Strange Day and the Japanese versions of Where Are We Now and Mumumumuch.

Mamamoo WAW (Where Are We) Mini Album Cover

WAW managed to peak at the 5th position on the Gaon Weekly chart, and reached number 17 on the Oricon chart. It was the 6th best-selling album of June 2021 with 130,680 copies sold. It ended the year as the 76th biggest seller of 2021 with 135,165 units sold.

Physically, the extended play is available in just a single version. It is rectangular and features the distinctive logo on the front. Its dimensions are 140 x 190 x 26 mm. Inside you will find a selection of wonderful pieces of merchandise including the CD disk (chosen randomly out of 4 variants), a 96 pages photobook, a 12 pages letter book, a single film photo selected out of 4 variants, 2 photo cards randomly added out of 12 options, and 1 group poster (out of 4 sheets).

Say Mamamoo: The Best Compilation Album

Say Mamamoo: The Best is the first compilation album of the group. It was released by RBW on September 15, 2021 and consists of 23 best hits along with the new songs Mumumumuch and Happier Than Ever. On the CD you will also find the orchestral versions of Paint Me and Starry Night, the Rock version of Gogobebe, the Blistering Sun version of Egotistic, HeeHeeHaHeHo Part.2, the traditional version of Aya, the remix version of Hip, the dramatic version of Wind Flower, the MMM version of Peppermint Chocolate, the extended version of Destiny, the Funk Boost version of Yes I Am, and the 2021 editions of You're the Best, I Miss You, Words Don't Come Easy, Piano Man, Ahh Oop, Decalcomanie, A Little Bit, Um Oh Ah Yeh, Don't Be Happy and Mr. Ambiguous.

Mamamoo Say Mamamoo: The Best Compilation Album Cover

Mumumumuch was selected as the lead single, and along with Happier Than Ever was included in the Japanese edition of WAW.

The compilation album peaked at the 8th position on the Gaon weekly chart. It sold 29,996 copies during its premiere month and was the 25th best-seller of September 2021.

The physical edition of the record is available only in a single version. It feature a collage of pictures depicting all the members, and includes 2 CD disks.