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KARD Albums

There are 6 KARD albums available, including 5 extended plays and a single album. They were manufactured by Why N Communication, came out under DSP Media and were distributed by Loen Entertainment (later as Kakao M). The group debuted with Hola Hola in 2017.

Here's the list of all KARD albums in order.

Hola Hola Mini Album

The debut extended play of KARD titled Hola Hola was released by DSP Media on July 19, 2017 digitally and on July 20, 2017 physically. It was manufactured by Why N Communication and distributed by Loen Entertainment. The first of KARD albums consists of 10 tracks including 3 previously released as part of KARD Project songs Oh NaNa (featuring Young-Ji), Don't Recall and Rumor, the title Hola Hola, I Can't Stop, Living Good, and 4 instrumental CD only tracks - for Oh NaNa, Don't Recall, Rumor and Living Good. The lead single was composed by Nassun, DALGUI and Big Tone, and written by Nassun and Big Tone with a help from B.M and J.Seph. The members participated in the writing of all songs on the album except I Can't Stop.

Kard Hola Hola Mini Album Cover

Hola Hola peaked at the 2nd position on the weekly Gaon Chart and at number 3 on the Billboard's US World chart. It also charted (at 7th position) on Taiwanese Five Music Weekly Chart. The first of KARD albums eventually became the 10th most selling South Korean album in the month of July with 12,962 units sold.

The physical edition of Hola Hola comes in a rectangular photobook format with a hardcover featuring the logo of KARD. On the back side of the cover you will find a photo of all 4 members including J.Seph, Jiwoo, Somin and B.M. The album itself is composed of a CD disk with the music, an 80 pages photobook (165 x 218 mm), and 2 randomly added photo cards from a lot of 8 (2 per member - 1 regular (54 x 86 mm) and 1 in a poker card style (58 x 88 mm)). The whole package measures 170 x 225 mm.

1 poster was issued for this release. Its size is 728 x 515 mm.

You & Me Mini Album

The second mini album of KARD came out on November 21, 2017. It was released by DSP Media, while Loen Entertainment was once again responsible for the distribution. On the CD you will find 9 tracks - Into You, Trust Me (performed by J.Seph and Jiwoo), Push & Pull, Because, You in Me, a different version of Trust Me (performed by B.M and Somin), and 3 tracks that are not present on the digital edition - the instrumental versions of Into You and You In Me, and the third version of Trust Me - this time performed by all members of the group. You in Me serves as the title song and was produced by Nassun and DALGUI. Both B.M and J.Seph wrote the lyrics for all the songs (alongside Nassun).

The second of KARD albums reached number 2 on the US World chart and number 8 on the weekly Gaon chart. It was the 23rd best-selling Korean album of November of 2017 with a total number of 11,515 copies sold.

Kard You & Me Mini Album Cover

You & Me is available in 1 physical edition of the same size as the first album of KARD and measures 170 x 225 mm. It consists of a CD disk, a photobook with 76 pages full of pictures (165 x 218 mm), 1 big photo card named "Me & Me" added randomly out of 4 variants (90 x 126 mm), and 1 random unit photo card of a standard size (55 x 85 mm) chosen out of 6 variants - J.Seph+B.M, J.Seph+Somin, J.Seph+Jiwoo, B.M+Somin, B.M+Jiwoo, Somin+Jiwoo. The extended play came with 1 pre-order benefit - a sheet of graffiti style stickers designed by B.M depicting the tracklist.

A poster was prepared for this release - it measures 475 x 754 mm.

Ride on the Wind Mini Album

Ride on the Wind is the third extended play of the group and had its premiere on July 25, 2018 (but it was available for pre-order since July 18). It was released by DSP and distributed by Loen Entertainment. The KARD album features 6 tracks including INTRO: Humming, Moonlight, the title of the same name as the EP, Knockin' On My Heaven's Door, Dímelo, and the instrumental version of Ride on the Wind. The lead single was composed by Nassun, DALGUI and TAEMIN, and arranged by DALGUI. B.M and J.Seph wrote all the songs (except the intro which doesn't have any lyrics).

Kard Ride on the Wind Mini Album Cover

This KARD album reached number 7 and 8 on the Gaon Weekly and Billboard US World charts respectively. With 7,681 copies sold, Ride on the Wind became the 30th most purchased Korean album in July of 2018.

The physical edition of the EP consists of a CD disk, a photobook (165 x 218 mm), 4 solo postcards (100 x 150 mm), 1 unit photo ticket with a QR code randomly chosen out of 4 versions - J.Seph+B.M, J.Seph+Somin, B.M+Jiwoo, Somin+Jiwoo (150 x 75 mm), 1 random photo card (55 x 85 mm) added from a lot of 8 sheets (4 solo and 4 unit sheets - J.Seph+B.M, J.Seph+Jiwoo, B.M+Somin, Somin+Jiwoo). All goods are placed in a pocket attached to the back side of the front cover.

Red Moon Mini Album

The fourth extended play of KARD titled Red Moon came out on February 12, 2020. It was distributed by Kakao M (formerly known as Loen Entertainment). On the CD you will find 5 songs including Go Baby, Red Moon, Enemy, Inferno and previously released track Dumb Litty. The lead single of the same name as the album was produced by Olof Lindskog, Gavin Jones, Hayley Aitken, 72 and Ollipop. B.M and J.Seph once again co-wrote all of the songs on the EP.

Red Moon peaked at the 10th position on the Gaon Weekly chart, and sold 6,520 in the month of February, becoming the 35th best-selling KPop album this month.

Kard Red Moon Mini Album Cover

The fourth of KARD albums is available in one versions and consists of a CD disk with the music, an 80 pages photobook (165 x 219 mm). 1 random moon card chosen out of 4 variants (100 x 100 mm), 1 folded double-sized poster (with the girls on one side and the boys on the other) of a dimensions of 330 x 438 mm, and 2 random photo cards (1 Album version (out of 4) plus 1 Selfie version (out of 4)).

A poster of a size of 618 x 420 mm was prepared for this KARD album.

Way with Words Single Album

The first single album of KARD titled Way with Words was released by DSP Media on August 26, 2020. Kakao M served as the distributor. The album consists of 3 songs including Ah Ee Yah, Gunshot and Hold On. Gunshot was selected as the title track. It is worth mentioning that BM contributed to the production of all 3 tracks, while J.Seph co-wrote the lyrics.

The release managed to reach number 12 on the Gaon weekly chart.

Kard Way with Words Single Album Cover

The physical edition is in a rectangular form and has a black and white cover. It measures 170 x 224 mm. Inside you will find some interesting pieces of goods that you will be proud to add to your collection. That includes the CD disk containing the music, a photobook with 100 pages full of beautiful pictures of all members, a random photo card selected out of 8 different sheets (2 per each member), a random bookmark featuring a single member, and a special message card of a size of 200 x 150 mm.

A single group poster was also included. It measures 410 x 615 mm and is oriented vertically.

Re: Mini Album

The fifth mini album of the group titled Re: premiered under DSP on June 22, 2022. It is the first release of KARD after a long period of time caused by J.Seph's military enlistment. The extended play features 6 tracks. That includes Break Down, the title track Ring the Alarm along its instrumental version, Good Love, Whip!, and the instrumental track of Break Down.

BM, J.Seph and Somin contributed to the lyrics of all the songs.

Kard Re: Mini Album Cover

Re: peaked at the 12 position on the Gaon chart. It eventually became the 34th best-selling release of June 2022 in South Korea.

Physically, the EP comes in a single, rectangular version. It has a white cover featuring the title and measures 170 x 224 x 17 mm. Inside the package you will find a standard CD disk, a photobook with 84 pages of content, a folded lyrics book of a size of 164 x 220 mm, a message card from a random member of KARD, a 4cut photo with a frame randomly added out of 4 variants (45 x 160 mm), 1 sheet of stickers (100 x 150 mm), and 2 photo cards selected at random from a lot of 12 sheets.

Additionally a single poster was issued for the mini album. It depicts all 4 members of the group.