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Stray Kids Converse

There are plenty of examples of Stray Kids Converse the members have been wearing since they debuted. Although they are not the official ambassadors of the brand and they are not endorsing any of the products, you can tell these are one of their most liked fashion items.

The members of Stray Kids can be always spot wearing the Converse on different occasions. If you are reading this article you have probably noticed different models in the music videos, dancing videos, live performances, and TV shows appearances. They are very easily spotted if you pay attention.


They can also be spot in the official promotional photos released before the premiere of their new albums, and other advertising material. Since the members are very active on their social media, you can always find them wearing the shoes on various pictures and videos uploaded on their official Twitter and Instagram accounts.

We can all tell with confidence that the members are very fashionable and have a very good taste in fashion. Let's see what kind of models they were presented in.

The first example of Stray Kids Converse is Run Star Hike, which for the past several years are extremely popular among all the members, especially Han, Changbin, I.N and Hyunjin.

They are a platform shoes with a white sole with black and brown details. They have a black body featuring the recognizable black star logo which is printed on a white circle placed on the side. Additionally at the back you can spot a white star. The model is characterized by padded tongue and collar, and a soft cushioned footbed. The advantage of the Converse is that they made of a very durable canvas so they will last for a long time even in the most demanding environment. You will definitely be happy with your purchase, especially if you're looking for a nice gift for someone who is a big fan of the group. If you want to see the members wearing the shoes you can check out the second episode of a TV show Finding Stray Kids during its second season run. The model of the Stray Kids Converse is one of the most recognizable, and can be immediately associated with the brand before even spotting the logo.

The second example are Chuck Taylor All Star which were worn by Hyunjin in a special Go Live: Unveil video on YouTube. The Converse are white with a matching sole featuring a black and red lines. The shoelaces are white, and of course the classic star logo is also present. This is a unisex high top model and you can get it in either white or black. It will definitely be a great item to have if you're looking for something nice that will remind you of Stray Kids.

The next piece of fashion we should talk about is Chuck 70 Archive Restructured High Top. You can spot the model in the video for 3 songs including God's Menu, Top and Easy. I.N was the one who was wearing the shoes. The Stray Kids Converse have striped body (with white and black stripes) with white stars featured on black background on the front. The shoelaces and sole are all white.

This was not the only model showcased in the video. You could also notice that Felix had on his feet a black variant of the Chuck Taylor All Star CX. This is a very interesting piece of apparel with black body and the sole in red. The white star logo and white shoelaces give it a very distinctive look.

Next we have a very interesting Stray Kids Converse in all white with some black details and a very visible - someone would say a very noisy - word "Chuck" printed in black on the side. The model is called Chuck Taylor Signature Chuck 70. You can definitely tell at first glance this is indeed a piece of footwear from the famous brand. If you're looking for something that will be immediately recognized, this will be an ideal product for you.

During the group's participation in a live broadcast of a talk show called After School Club on June 30, 2020, you could notice that I.N was wearing that exact model of Converse.

When Stray Kids showed up on another TV show - this time on Idol On Quiz - on September 16, 2020, another model of Converse was featured. This time it was a Hacked Fashion Chuck 70 worn by Hyunjin. This very interesting piece of footwear has a striped body with some black, yellow and brown elements, and the Converse logo printed as usual on a black background. It has a white sole and a matching shoelaces. It is one of the more original and cool looking item. If you prefer something unique then this will be probably a great solution.

The last model of Stray Kids Converse I would like to introduce to you is Archive Print Chuck 70. Han was wearing it during the photo shoot for the September 2020 issue of a Singles magazine. The item is even more original than the previous one. It features a zebra pattern printed obviously in white and black, and a black shoelaces. The sole is white with some black elements. They are a very cool looking shoes and will be great for you if you're looking for a fancy accessory to complete the look you're wishing for. But if it is a little bit too much, you can always go back to the previous item which will probably be more suitable for you.

Regardless of what your decision will be, you can be sure you will definitely find something for you. There are plenty of attractive Stray Kids Converse which will make you feel like another member of the group. The price vary so you will have to search around to find the best offers. Nevertheless you will certainly be happy as an owner of the shoes of this wonderful brand.

As an alternative you can always check out other popular brands the members added to the wardrobe such as Nike, Dior, Valentino, Reebok, Vans and Louis Vuitton. Some of them will be more expensive and some more affordable, but you should definitely give them a try.