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BTS Love Yourself: Her Photocards

There is a total number of 29 different Love Yourself: Her photocards, including 28 normal and one special card.

Love Yourself: Her album is the first installment into the Love Yourself series of BTS. It had its premiere on September 18, 2017 under Big Hit Entertainment. It is the first release after the new simplified logo of the group was introduced. It features some wonderful pieces of music.


The album is composed of 11 tracks - Intro: Serendipity, DNA, Best Of Me, Pied Piper, Skit: Billboard Music Awards Speech, Mic Drop, Go Go, Outro: Her, and 2 hidden tracks available only on the physical edition - Skit: Hesitation And Fear, and Sea. DNA is serving as the title song, for which a music video was released.

Aside from the selection of Love Yourself: Her photocards, inside the package you will find several interesting collectibles. The album is available in four different versions: L, O, V and E, all with a slightly different print on the white cover.

Each of the copies consists of a CD disk containing the music, a 100 pages photobook of a dimensions of 139 x 204 mm with some beautiful photos inside, a mini book with 20 pages sized 90 x 127 mm, a single randomly chosen regular photocard selected out of 28 versions, and one sheet of stickers featuring the logos and title of the album. Additionally you could also get one group poster chosen out of four different variants of a dimensions of 594 x 420 mm.

BTS Love Yourself: Her Photocards

The Love Yourself: Her photocards are split into four versions - L, O, V and E. Each of them is composed of seven sheets, one per each member of BTS.

Version L consists of 7 selfie photocards. They feature the members making cute poses, and with a pleasant expressions on their faces.

Version O is composed of 7 sheets showcasing the pictures of the BTS members taken on the blue, white and green background, with J-Hope, Jin, Jungkook and Jimin photographed with vegetation.

The third version - V, includes 7 Love Yourself: Her photocards which look like an ID photos, but presenting rather casual clothes. Each of the BTS members is wearing a colorful sweatshirt, hoodie or jacket. They stand straight and look ahead, and are posing on a white background.

The last selection - E, is composed of seven photocards featuring the members during their visit in a pizza restaurant. On the pictures they sit down and are presented with a pink and yellow wall as a background, with prominently visible word "pizza". You can notice that Suga is holding his smartphone with a cover, RM is sitting by the table and eating his slice of pizza, while V is holding his juice in a transparent cup with a straw.

One additional special BTS Love Yourself: Her photocard was also produced. It is lenticular and depicts all members of the group with their hands holding their faces. The special photocard is extremely rare - only 1000 were manufactured. You could find it only in the selected first press copies of the album just after it was released. You can still get it from the third-party sellers on various e-commerce auction platforms, although you can expect a very high asking price. But if you are a perfectionist who really wants to complete your collection and you don't care about the cost, you should definitely consider purchasing the photocard.

All normal Love Yourself: Her photocards have rounded corners and are of almost typical size - they measure 54 x 86 mm. The typical size you can find almost in all KPop albums is 55 x 85 mm. The special lenticular photocard measures 90 x 60 mm and is very similar to those released for the follow-up albums including Love Yourself: Tear and Love Yourself: Answer. All feature the whole group and are available for a higher price than the regular ones.

The first of Love Yourself albums is the fifth extended play of the group. It was the first out of their discography to surpass 1 million pre-orders (it sold exactly 1,051,546 units during the pre-sale period). It debuted at the highest position on the Gaon Weekly chart and at number 7 on the Billboard 200 chart. It also topped several other charts including two Oricon (weekly and monthly), and Billboard's US World and US Internet Albums.

It was the biggest seller of September of 2017 with a total number of 1,203,533 copies sold. At the same time it broke the record as the highest seller in a single month on the Gaon Monthly chart. It eventually became the most popular album of 2017 with a total sales of 1,493,443 units. It continued its success by finishing the next year at the 11th position, at number 13 in 2019, and at number 58 the following year.

All three albums from the Love Yourself series are constantly one of the most purchased KPop releases by new and already established fans. The merchandise present inside the package including the Love Yourself: Her photocards are one of the most popular and sought-after collectibles by every fan, who would like to own something related to their favorite group.

Additionally there are plenty of unofficial photocards made by regular fans who would like to share their work with others. The sheets feature the pictures from the official products and are of a similar quality to the originals. You can consider getting those if you don't necessarily need the ones from the albums. Especially if you're looking for something to put in your photo binder or just need something on your wall as an alternative to the posters, to decorate your room or office.

The fan made photocards are made of a high quality materials and can be a very good idea for a gift for anyone who is a big follower of BTS. They will not replace the official items from Love Yourself: Her, but can be a great alternative, and a great thing to add to your collection, regardless if you are just a beginner or a more experienced collector.