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Weki Meki Albums

There are 8 Weki Meki albums available so far. That includes 5 extended plays, 2 singles and 1 repackage. 1 of them - Lucky - was released also in a Kihno format. The group's releases were manufactured by different companies including Arana, Yein Art and Today Art, and came out under Fantagio Music. Distribution was provided by Interpark, Windmill Ent Co., Ltd., Music&New Co. and Kakao M (later as Kakao Entertainment). The girls debuted with their first EP titled Weme in August of 2017.

Here is the list of all Weki Meki albums in order.

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Weme Mini Album

The first extended play of the group came out under Fantagio Music digitally and physically on August 8, 2017. It was manufactured by Arana and distributed by Interpark and Windmill Ent Co., Ltd. A limited edition version B was released on September 12. The first of Weki Meki albums consists of 6 songs including I Don't Like Your Girlfriend, Stay with Me, Pretty Boy (iTeen Girls Special), Neverland, My World and Fantastic.

I Don't Like Your Girlfriend serves as the lead single. It was composed by Im Kwang-uk, Ryan Kim, Chase and Amanda Moseley, and arranged by Devine Channel. The lyrics were written by Seo Ji-eum. Yoojung is credited as a lyricist for both Stay with Me and Pretty Boy.

Weki Meki Weme Mini Album Cover

Weme reached number 7 on the Gaon Weekly Chart and stayed on that position for two weeks. It sold 28,087 copies during August 2017 and was the 14th best-selling Korean release of the month. It eventually sold 49,476 units in 2017 and was the highest selling album of any debuting girl group that year.

The physical edition of the first of Weki Meki albums is available in 2 different versions - A and limited edition version B (which came out more than a month after version A).

Version A measures 139 x 185 x 15 mm and features a random member on the inner side of the dust jacket. It is composed of a CD disk, an 84 pages photobook with some beautiful pictures, 1 profile card featuring a random member of Weki Meki (60 x 90 mm), and 2 photo cards randomly chosen out of 16 variants (2 per member) of a standard size of 55 x 85 mm. A group poster was prepared for this release. It measures 770 x 525. Another 8, showcasing a single member of Weki Meki, was offered as a pre-order benefit. You could get 1 random sheet if you ordered your copy before the official premiere. These measure 375 x 525 mm.

The limited version B is of the same size as A and includes a dust jacket with a photo of a random member. It consists of a CD disk, a 96 pages photobook, 2 random photo cards chosen from a lot of 16 (55 x 85 mm), a poster of a single member added at random (375 x 525 mm), and a rare polaroid photo that was unfortunately limited to just 600 sheets. A group poster was also prepared for this edition.

Lucky Mini Album

The second of Weki Meki albums was released by Fantagio Music on February 21, 2018. For the second time Interpark and Windmill were responsible for the distribution. The EP is composed of 6 tracks including Lucky, La La La, Iron Boy, Metronome, Color Me and Butterfly. La La La was chosen as the lead single. It was produced by Shin Hyuk, M Rey, Rodnae 'Chikk' Bell and Ashley Alisha. Seo Jieum came back to wrote the lyrics. Butterfly was previously released digitally on January 11 to support the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics.

Weki Meki Lucky Mini Album Cover

Lucky peaked at the 2nd position on the Gaon Weekly chart, only behind Yang Yoseob's second mini album White. It was also the 8th most popular Korean release in February 2018 with 20,539 copies sold.

Lucky comes in 3 physical versions - Weki, Meki and Lucky, similar in size to the first of Weki Meki albums (139 x 185 x 13 mm). Each of them consists of a CD disk with the music, a photobook (85, 68 and 84 pages in Weki, Meki and Lucky version respectively), 1 random polaroid photo added from a lot of 8 variants (55 x 85 mm), and 2 photo cards randomly selected out of 16 variants (55 x 85 mm). Meki version is the only one to include 2 sheets of stickers (134 x 181 mm), and a dust jacket. A single poster was prepared for each of the 3 versions (770 x 525 mm). All goods are distinctive to the version the album you will choose.

A special cardboard slip case was issued for all 3 versions of the album. Its dimensions are 140 x 187 x 58 mm, and it was limited to 3000 pieces.

A Kihno edition of Lucky was also released. It is composed of the Kihno Kit itself (60 x 60 mm), and a set of 12 photo cards of a size of 54 x 86 mm. All comes in a package that measures 60 x 90 mm.

Kiss, Kicks Single Album

The first single and the third of Weki Meki albums titled Kiss, Kicks had its premiere on October 11, 2018 under Fantagio. It was manufactured by Yein Art and distributed by Interpark with Music&New Co., Ltd. On the CD you will find 3 songs - the title Crush, True Valentine and Dear. Crush was produced and written by Tenten, Yoojung helped with the lyrics. She also co-written True Valentine.

Weki Meki Kiss, Kicks Single Album Cover

The single managed to reach number 5 on the Gaon weekly chart during the debut week, and was the 2nd most popular release of any girl group on the list behind only Fromis_9's special album From.9. It sold 15,053 copies during October 2018 and ended at the 18th position on the best-sellers list that month.

The third of Weki Meki albums was released in 2 physical versions - Kiss (pink cover) and Kicks (black cover). Please notice that Kicks is thicker than Kiss. Both are composed of a CD disk, an 80 pages photobook (139 x 185 mm), a rolling group postcard (100 x 140 mm), and 2 random photo cards added out of 16 versions (55 x 85 mm). A poster of a size of 770 x 525 mm was issued for each version.

Both Kiss and Kicks versions came with a pre-order benefit - a special Weki Meki ring.

Lock End LOL Single Album

Lock End LOL is the second single album of Weki Meki. It was released by Fantagio on May 14, 2019 digitally and as a physical edition on May 17. The distribution was provided by Interpark and Music&New. Similarly to the previous single it contains 3 songs including Picky Picky, Whatever U Want and Petal Fortune. Picky Picky was chosen as the title track. It was composed by LEONALION, Karl Powell Jr, Chakun, Otha 'Vakseen' Davis III and G.Bliz, with the arrangement by The Colleagues, LEONALION, GRVVITY and G.Bliz. Yoojung was once again credited as the lyricist, this time for Whatever U Want.

Lock End LOL was later repackaged as Week End LOL in August of 2019.

Weki Meki Lock End LOL Single Album Cover

The Weki Meki album reached number 6 on the weekly Gaon chart and sold 12,373 copies in the first month of the release, becoming the 24th best-selling album in May of 2019.

The second single album of Weki Meki comes in 2 different versions - Lock and Lol. Both measure 139 x 185 mm. Inside the package you will find a CD disk, an 80 pages photobook, 1 square sheet of stickers (100 x 100 mm), and 2 photo cards chosen randomly out of 16 variants (55 x 85 mm). Additionally a Weki Meki ring was included in the first press copies of the album. All goods are unique in both versions.

1 poster was issued for each of the two versions of this Weki Meki album. Both are of a dimensions of 770 x 525 mm.

Week End LOL Repackage Album

The repackage of Lock End LOL titled Week End LOL was released on August 8, 2019, almost three months after the single it was based of. It consists of all 3 songs from the previous single with the addition of a new track Tiki-Taka (99%), composed by Andrew Choi, Kim Yeon-seo and Mingtion, and arranged by Mingtion. The lyrics were provided by JQ, Amelie, Kim Yeon-seo and Mingtion.

The Weki Meki album peaked at the 7th position on the Gaon weekly chart, and sold 9,149 units in August, making it the 26th most popular KPop album that month.

Weki Meki Week End LOL Repackage Album Cover

The physical edition of Week End LOL is available in 1 version which comes with a plastic sleeve. It measures 143 x 125 mm and contains a CD disk (118 x 118 mm) with a 20 pages lyric booklet in a jewel case (120 x 120 mm), a 64 pages photobook with a beautiful pictures inside, a group postcard (143 x 125 mm), a Weki Meki ring (40 x 60 mm), and 1 random photo card chosen out of 8 different sheets (55 x 85 mm).

A poster of a size of 770 x 525 mm was prepared for this Weki Meki album as a pre-order benefit.

Hide and Seek Mini Album

The third extended play of Weki Meki titled Hide and Seek came out under Fantagio on June 18, 2020. It was the first of Weki Meki albums to be manufactured by Today Art and distributed by Kakao M.

On the CD you will find 5 songs - the title Oopsy, Moya Moya, The Paradise, Youniverse and Dazzle Dazzle. The lead single was composed by Moon Kim, Jarry Potter (Yummy Tone) and Stainboys, and arranged by Stainboys. Jung Yoon wrote the lyrics. Suyeon co-composed The Paradise and helped with the lyrics for the song. Dazzle Dazzle was previously released as a digital single, for which a special concept postcard book was prepared instead of an official physical album.

Weki Meki Hide and Seek Mini Album Cover

Hide and Seek peaked at number 13 on the weekly Gaon chart. It eventually became the 41st most popular album of June 2020, selling 12,759 copies.

The Weki Meki album comes in 2 versions - Hide and Seek. Both consist of a CD disk, an 80 pages photobook (210 x 297 mm), a set of 8 stickers, and 1 random photo card of a typical size of 55 x 85 mm, added randomly out of 8 variants. All goods are unique in both Hide and Seek versions.

1 poster measuring 762 x 525 mm was prepared for each version as a pre-order benefit.

New Rules Mini Album

New Rules is the fourth mini album of the group. It had its premiere on October 8, 2020 digitally, and physically on October 12 under Fantagio. It was distributed by Kakao M. It features Cool as the title song, and consists of 4 other tracks including Sweet Dreams, D-Day, Just Us and 100 FACTS (COOL Eng. Ver.).

The lead single was produced by Jake K (ARTiffect), Ylva Dimberg and Jere Särkkä. Just Us was co-composed by Suyeon, along with Village. Rina, Lucy and Yoojung wrote the lyrics.

Weki Meki New Rules Mini Album Cover

The seventh of Weki Meki albums managed to reach number 13 on the Gaon Weekly chart. 9,421 copies of New Rules were sold in October, and it became the 34th most purchased album of the month.

There are 2 versions of the physical edition available - Break (purple cover) and Take (green cover). Both are composed of a CD disk with the music, a 72 pages photobook (250 x 180 mm), 1 random unit (2 members of Weki Meki) tag card chosen out of 4 variants (50 x 150 mm), and 1 photo card of a standard size of 55 x 85 mm, randomly added from a lot of 8 sheets. All goods are distinctive to the version of this Weki Meki album you will be purchasing.

2 different posters (Break and Take version) were prepared for the fans as a pre-order benefit. They measure 762 x 525 mm.

I Am Me. Mini Album

The fifth mini album of Weki Meki was released by Fantagio November 18, 2021. Kakao Entertainment served as the distributor. There are 6 songs featured on the record. That includes Siesta, Who Am I, Luminous, Sweet Winter, First Dream and One Day. A music video for the title track Siesta was also released.

I Am Me. reached number 12 on the South Korean Gaon weekly chart. 11,377 copies in total were sold during its premiere month which allowe the record to become the 53rd best-selling release of November 2021.

Weki Meki I Am Me. Mini Album Cover

There is only 1 physical version available. Inside the package you will find several high quality collectibles. That includes a CD disk placed on an inner side of the back cover inside an envelope, a photobook with 136 pages full of pictures, 1 sheet of stickers measuring 100 x 140 mm, 1 randomly selected postcard (90 x 125 mm), and a 4cut photo included at random out of 4 options.

2 group posters were released for the first press copies of the album. Both depict the whole group and are of a size of 525 x 762 mm.