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Sunmi Albums

4 Sunmi albums were released so far. That includes 3 extended plays and 1 single album. They were manufactured by Makeus and Dabo Inc., and distributed by KT Music Co., Ltd., and Loen Entertainment (later as Kakao Entertainment). The artist debuted with her first EP in February of 2014.

Here's the list of all Sunmi albums in order.

Full Moon Mini Album

The debut extended play of the artist was released on February 17, 2014 by JYP Entertainment. It was distributed by KT Music Co., Ltd. Korea. Park Jin Young - the CEO of JYP - served as the executive producer.

The Sunmi album consists of 7 songs including the opening song of the same name as the album, previously released as a single 24 Hours, Burn, Who Am I (with a fellow member of Wonder Girls Yubin), Frozen in Time (with Jackson of GOT7), If That Was You alongside the alternative CD-only version (with Yeeun). Full Moon features Lena Park and was chosen as the title track. It was composed by Brave Brothers, Elephant Kingdom and Nat Powers. Yeeun, a former member of Wonder Girls (currently known as Ha:tfelt), co-wrote If That Was You.

Sunmi Full Moon Mini Album Cover

The first of Sunmi albums peaked at number 12 on the Gaon Weekly Chart. The sales reached 4,774 units in February 2014, allowing Full Moon to become the 29th best-selling release of the month in Korea.

The physical edition of the extended play is composed of a CD disk with the music attached to the inner side of the back cover, a photobook with some interesting pictures, a postcard with a photo of Sunmi on one side and the title credits on the other, and finally a set of 5 postcards in a red envelope. Full Moon does not contain any photo cards.

Gashina Special Single Album

The second of Sunmi albums was a special single titled Gashina, featuring the hit song of the same name. It was released by the artist's new company Makeus Entertainment on August 22, 2017, with Loen Entertainment serving as the distributor. It was manufactured by Makeus.

Sunmi Gashina Special Single Album Cover

The lead song was composed by Teddy (of YG Entertainment), 24 and Joe Rhee, and wrote by them alongside Sunmi.

The single album managed to reach the 16th position on the Gaon chart. It eventually sold 2,954 copies during the whole August of 2017 and was the 56th best-selling release of the month in South Korea.

The Sunmi album is available in 1 version. It consists of a CD disk with 1 song, a photobook showcasing some beautiful pictures of the artist, a lyrics card, and 1 photo card selected randomly out of 2 variants.

Warning Mini Album

The second extended play and the third Sunmi album overall titled Warning came out on September 4, 2018 under Makeus Entertainment. It was manufactured by Dabo Inc. Loen Entertainment provided the distribution.

On the CD you will find 7 songs including Addict, Siren, Curve, Black Pearl, Gashina, Heroine and Secret Tape. Gashina and Heroine were previously released as singles. Siren serves as the title track. It was composed by Sunmi and Frants, and arranged by the latter. Sunmi co-wrote Addict, Black Pearl and Secret Tape, and provided the lyrics for all the songs.

Sunmi Warning Mini Album Cover

Warning reached the 9th position on the weekly Gaon chart, and sold 9,321 units in the whole September 2018 becoming the 19th most popular release of the month.

The third of Sunmi albums is available in 1 physical version. It comes with a dust jacket, that also serves as a poster featuring the singer. Inside the package you will find a CD disk, a photobook with beautiful pictures, 1 lenticular bookmark, and 1 random photo card added out of 2 variants.

1 poster was issued for this release.

1/6 (One Sixth) Mini Album

The third mini album of Sunmi titled 1/6 (One Sixth) premiered under Abyss Company on August 6, 2021. It was manufactured by Yein Art and distributed by Kakao Entertainment. The record consists 6 pieces of music including You Can't Sit with Us, Sunny, 1/6, Call, Narcissism and Borderline.

Sunmi 1/6 (One Sixth) Mini Album Cover

You Can't Sit with Us serves as the lead single. It was composed by Melanie Fontana, Michel Schulz and Ross Golan, and arranged by Lindgren. It's worth mentioning that Sunmi wrote the lyrics for all the songs and co-composed several of them.

The mini album reached number 5 on the weekly Gaon chart.

Physically, the album comes in only 1 version measuring 185 x 255 mm. It is in a photobook format with a sleeve cover. With your copy you will get a CD disk containing all 6 tracks, a certificate of a size of 185 x 255 mm, 1 sheet of stickers (100 x 150 mm), and a single photo card included randomly out of 2 different sheets of a regular size of 55 x 85 mm.