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Jay Park Albums

There are currently 9 Jay Park albums available including 5 studio albums, 1 repackage, 2 extended plays and 1 single. The releases of the artist came out under Vitamin Entertainment, SidusHQ, Yedang Company, Universal J, Universal Music, Stone Music Entertainment, and his own label AOMG. All were distributed by Vitamin, Yedang and CJ E&M (later as Genie Music). The releases, especially studio albums, contain a large number of tracks, and feature many different rappers and singers. It's worth noting that no photo cards are included in any of the physical editions.

The list of all Jay Park albums in order is below.

Count On Me Single Album

The debut single of the artist came out on July 13, 2010 under Vitamin Entertainment, a subsidiary of Warner Music Korea. It was distributed by Vitamin. The single is composed of a song Nothin' of You of B.o.B, which was included in three versions - Korean, English and remix. The song was originally produced by an American production team The Smeezingtons consisting of Bruno Mars, Philip Lawrence and Ari Levine.

Jay Park Count On Me Single Album Cover

The first of Jay Park albums topped the Gaon Weekly Chart and was the second best-selling album of July after SHINee's Lucifer. Ultimately Count On Me became the 32nd most popular South Korean release of 2010.

The physical edition of the single is available in a simple form. Inside a square packaging you will find a folded accordion photobook attached to the cover and a CD disk with the music.

Take a Deeper Look Mini Album

The first extended play of Jay Park was released on April 27, 2011 by SidusHQ, Yedang Company and Universal J. It was manufactured and distributed by Yedang. On the CD you will find 7 songs including Touch The Sky (featuring Korean rapper The Quiett), Abandoned (featuring rapper Dok2), Tonight (featuring Kang Min-kyung of a Korean duo Davichi), I Can't Be Live You, Don't Let Go, Level 1000 (featuring Dok2), and the Korean version of Bestie which was originally released in English on October 4, 2010.

Jay Park Take a Deeper Look Mini Album Cover

The music videos for three tracks were produced - for Abandoned, Tonight and Level 1000.

The popular demand was so high that all 50,000 copies of this Jay Park album sold out during the pre-order period before the release date.

Take a Deeper Look reached number 3 on the Billboard's US World Chart and number 26 on the US Heatseekers chart.

The second of Jay Park albums is available in 2 different physical versions - a regular and limited edition.

The regular version features the soloist on the cover and is composed of a CD disk attached to the back side of the cover and a photobook, or rather a booklet with some photos and the lyrics.

The limited edition comes in an elegant sturdy box with a magnetic closure. It features the title of the EP on the cover written in silver. Inside the package you will find the regular edition of Take a Deeper Look and a special diary. The diary has a white cover and includes the pictures of Jay Park.

New Breed Studio Album

The first full-length album of Jay Park had its premiere on February 9, 2012 (although it was available digitally since February 7). It was released by Universal Music. It is composed of two parts. The first was released on December 28, 2011 and consists of 5 tracks - Star, Enjoy The Show (performed with Dok2 and The Quiett), Up And Down (with Dok2), I Got Your Back and I Can't Be Without You. The second part includes all these songs and adds 10 new tracks - the intro New Breed, the lead single Know Your Name (with Dok2), Girlfriend, I Love You (with Choiza and Gaeko of Dynamic Duo), Go, Come On Over, Turn Off Your Phone, AOM & 1llionaire (with The Quiett and Dok2), Enjoy The Show (with The Quiett and Dok2), Wasted (with Bizzy) and Clap (with Tiger JK and Yoon Mi-rae).

Jay Park New Breed Studio Album Cover

The title song of the first part of this Jay Park album Star was composed by Jeon Goon (who also wrote the lyrics) and arranged by Oh Hyung Suk. Know Your Name served as the lead single for the whole release. It was produced by Da Beatfreakz and Jay Park, who was also credited as the lyricist (alongside Dok2). Girlfriend was previously released on November 3, 2011.

New Breed is the second of Jay Park albums to top the Gaon Weekly chart and peaked at the 4th position on US World chart. It also reached number 4 on the US World chart. It was the 2nd most purchased KPop release of February 2012 (after only Big Bang's Alive) with 73,841 copies sold. It later became the 19th best-selling Korean release of 2012 with 76,829 units sold.

The physical edition of the studio album consists of a CD disk containing the music and a photobook.

New Breed Repackage Album

New Breed was repackaged and released physically on August 24, 2012 as a Red Edition. It features all songs from the regular edition and 6 new tracks - Carefree, Body2Body, the acoustic version of Know Your Name, and the English versions of Girlfriend, I Love You and Know Your Name.

Jay Park New Breed Repackage Album Cover

The Red Edition contains also a DVD disk with some live performances and behind the scenes videos from the Asia promo tour. Aside from that you will get a CD disk with a jewel case and a 4 pages booklet, and a small photobook with the pictures and lyrics.

Evolution Studio Album

The second studio album of Jay Park came out on September 1, 2014 under SidusHQ and AOMG - a record label founded by Jay in 2013. For the first time CJ E&M was responsible for the distribution. It compiles mostly previously released tracks, often labeled as remastered. The Jay Park album is composed of 17 songs - Evolution (with Gray), Joah, the lead single So Good (with Common Ground), Let's Make Up, The Promise, Secret, Welcome, Ride Me, Metronome (with Simon Dominic and Gray), GGG, Who the F*ck is U (with B-Free and Take One), remix of 1 Hunnit (with Loco and Swings), Success Crazed (with Gray, Loco, Simon Dominic and Trinidad Jam), I Like 2 Party, Hot, remix of Hot (with Cha Cha Malone) and NaNa (with Loco).

Jay Park Evolution Studio Album Cover

Evolution reached number 3 and 5 on respectively Gaon and US World charts. It was the 5th best-selling KPop album of September of 2014 (with 33,371 units sold).

The physical edition of this Jay Park album is similar in form to the previous. Inside the square package covered with a textured material almost like a painting canvas, you will find a CD disk with the same photo as on the cover, and a photobook.

Worldwide Studio Album

Worldwide is the third full-length album of the artist after New Breed and Evolution. It was the second one to be released by AOMG and distributed by CJ E&M. It features an ensemble of South Korean rappers. The Jay Park album was released on November 5, 2015 and consists of 18 different tracks - Wordwide (with Dok2 and The Quiett), Don't Try Me (with Ugly Duck and Gray), My Last (with Loco and Gray), Mommae (with Ugly Duck), You Know (with Okasian), Cha Cha Cypher (with G2, Giriboy, Vasco, Dayday, Xitsuh and DJ Wegun), When (with Tablo), Want It (with Nochang and B-Free), My (with Lil Boi), F*ckboy (with Sik-K, BewhY and Ugly Duck), B-Boy Stance (with Yankie, DJ Wegun and DJ Friz), Life (with Paloalto, Gaeko and DJ Wegun), BO$$ (with Yultron, Loco and Ugly Duck), a remix of Lotto (with Geegooin), a remix of Mommae (with Crush, Simon Dominic), In This B*tch, On It (with DJ Wegun) and Seattle 2 Seoul.

Jay Park Worldwide Studio Album Cover

You Know was chosen as the lead track. The music video was also released. The songs My Last, Mommae and On It were available digitally before the album's premiere. Additional MVs for songs BO$$ (November 10), Worldwide and Want It (November 18), and B*tch and My (November 25) were also released.

Worldwide repeated the success of its predecessor and peaked at the 3rd position on the weekly Gaon chart. It also reached number 5 on the Billboard's US World chart. With 32,397 copies sold it was the 5th most popular Korean release in November of 2015.

The fifth of Jay Park albums is available in 1 physical version. It comes with a paper slip case. You will get a CD disk with the music in a jewel case and a booklet with the lyrics and the production credits. The photobook features some interesting pictures of Jay Park.

A promotional version of Worldwide was also available. It was labeled as "Not For Sale. Promotional Uses Only" on the back.

1 poster was issued for this release.

Scene Stealers Mini Album

Scene Stealers is the collaboration extended play released with a South Korean singer Ugly Duck. It came out under AOMG on July 13, 2016 and was distributed by CJ E&M. It was available in a very limited quantity of 500 units. The Jay Park album features 6 songs including Put Em' Up, Ain't No Party Like An AOMG Party, PLP (with an American hip hop group Far East Movement), Nowhere, a remix of Who You (with Loco, Day Day and Simon Dominic), and Ain't No Party Like An AOMG Party (Clean ver.). Both Put Em' Up and Ain't No Party Like An AOMG Party serve as the lead singles.

Jay Park Scene Stealers Mini Album Cover

It managed to reach number 35 on the Gaon weekly chart and number 8 on the US World chart.

Everything You Wanted Studio Album

The fourth studio album titled Everything You Wanted was released by AOMG on October 20, 2016. CJ E&M distributed the album. Everything You Wanted compiles new material and some previously released songs.

On this Jay Park album you will find a total number of 17 tracks - Replay, I Don't Disappoint, Feature (with Cha Cha Malone), the Korean version of All I Wanna Do (with Hoody and Loco), Limousine (with KRNFX), Solo (with Hoody), Alone Tonight (with Sik-K), Only One (Raz Simone), The Truth Is, Stay With Me, Drive (with Gray), Aquaman, the Korean version of Me Like Yuh (with Hoody), 2nd Thots, Forever (with DJ Ale Mora and Cha Cha Malone), Turn Off Your Phone Remix (with ELO), I Got This, Me Like Yuh and All I Wanna Do.

Jay Park Everything You Wanted Studio Album Cover

Drive and All I Wanna Do serve as the double title tracks for this Jay Park album.

Everything You Wanted reached number 5 and 3 on Gaon Weekly and Billboard US World charts respectively. It sold 10,582 copies in October and finished the month on the 17th position. It was the 94th on the list of most purchased KPop releases of 216 with 23,027 units sold.

The physical edition of this Jay Park album is available in 2 versions. The first one consists of a CD in an envelope and a photobook packed separately in a plastic packaging. The second one is composed of three separate parts - a CD disk in an envelope, a photo/poster made of a thick paper and a photobook. All is packed with a plastic wrapper. The only difference between the two versions is that the second one comes with a poster.

The Road Less Traveled Studio Album

The fifth full-length album of Jay Park was released digitally on June 7, 2019 and physically on June 11, 2019 by AOMG and Stone Music Entertainment. It was distributed by Genie Music (previously known as CJ E&M) It consists of 17 tracks - What Up! (with Don Flamingo), Get It All (with Cha Cha Malone), Twilight (with Woo and Jarv Dee), Twisted Dreams (with Jay Electronica, Joe Flizzow and DJ Wegun), WDFA (with MaSiWei and DZknow of Higher Brothers and Avatar Darko), Doin' Me (with Avatar Darko and Dolce Drako), Plottin (with iLL Chris), Slutter (with Ted Park), Feng Shui, Ben Baller (with Uneducated Kid, Ghoulavelli and Bradystreet), Step Son (with Nacho Picasso), Monster (with Raz Simone), Sun Comes Up (with Fatal Lucciauno and Malitia Malimob), Grayground Cypher (with King Leez, Anthony Danza, Keem Hyo-eun, pH-1, Geo of Blue Scholars, Chaboom and DJ Wegun), Legacy (with Gifted Gab and Shelby), For Ourselves (Chloe DeVita), Undefeated (with The Flavr Blue).

Jay Park The Road Less Traveled Studio Album Cover

Feng Shui was chosen as the title song. It was produced - as many other Jay Park's songs - by Cha Cha Malone.

The Road Less Traveled managed to reach number 11 on the Gaon chart. It was the 35th most purchased Korean release in June of 2019. It sold 6,175 copies.

This Jay Park album comes with a transparent plastic slip case and consists of a CD disk in a jewel case and a photobook with pictures of the soloist.

To support the release of the album a special pop-up store was opened. It operated for 6 hours between 5:00PM and 11:00PM on June 4, 2019 at the 8D Cafe in Gangnam, Seoul, and offered a collection of merchandise consisting of an Airpods case and 4 different graphic T-shirts. A similar store was opened for the Japanese fans. It operated in Harajuku, Tokyo from July 26 to July 28, 2019.