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Fromis_9 Albums

There are currently 10 Fromis_9 albums available - 6 extended plays and 4 singles (including 1 special). All of them came out under Stone Music Entertainment (which also serves as the manufacturer), Off the Record, and Pledis Entertainment. They were distributed by Stone Music, Genie Music Corporation, and later by Hybe and YG Plus, Inc, Korea. A Kihno edition of some of the latest group's releases is also available. The members debuted with their first EP titled To. Heart in 2018.

Here's the list of all Fromis_9 albums in order.

To. Heart Mini Album

The first extended play of Fromis_9 came out under Stone Music Entertainment on January 24, 2018. It was manufactured and distributed by Stone Music Entertainment. It consists of 6 songs including The Way To Me, To Heart (which serves as the title track), Miracle, Pinocchio, Be With You and MAMA version of Glass Shoes.

The lead single was composed and arranged by Iggy (from the production team Oreo) and Youngbae. The duo also wrote the lyrics. The lyrics for The Way To Me were written by all the members. Glass Shoes was previously released as a single on November 30, 2017.

Fromis_9 To. Heart Mini Album Cover

On January 24, 2018 a special showcase was held to promote the first of Fromis_9 albums. It was broadcasted online through the group's official account on V Live.

To. Heart peaked at the 4th position on the weekly Gaon chart for week between January 21 and 27, 2018, and was the highest placed album of any girl group that week. It sold 13,452 copies during January and finished the month as the 24th best-selling release in Korea.

The physical edition of the debut Fromis_9 album is available in 2 versions - Green and Blue. Both measure 153 x 250 mm.

Green version has a cut out window on front, that is used to showcase a photo of a random member placed behind the cover. It consists of a CD disk with the music, an 8 pages accordion book featuring Jisun (140 x 90 mm), a set of 9 postcards of a size of 140 x 190 mm (1 sheet per member), a 52 pages photobook (140 x 190 mm), a letter in an envelope sized 130 x 110 mm, 1 fabric name patch with a name of one of the members written in Korean, a special card with a unique number (100 x 70 mm), and 1 ID photo randomly chosen out of 9 variants (35 x 45 mm). A special paper insert protects the goods from falling out.

Blue version of thie Fromis_9 album does not have a window in the cover and features all 9 members instead. It consists of every piece of merchandise mentioned in regards to Green version, but distinctive to Blue version. The only differences are that the postcards feature units instead of individual members, and the accordion book is missing, while the ID photos are replaced with 1 random polaroid photo of a single member (54 x 86 mm).

1 poster was prepared for this album.

To. Day Mini Album

The second extended play of the group and the second of Fromis_9 albums was released under Stone Music on June 5, 2018. Gyuri is not featured on the album due to her participation in the TV survival show Produce 48. The EP was once again manufactured and distributed by Stone Music Entertainment, and is composed of 6 songs - Close To You, Think of You, Pitapat (DKDK), 22Century Girl, Clover and First Love. DKDK was chosen as the title track. It was composed by Bumzu and Park Kitae of a production team Prismfilter, and arranged by them alongside their colleague from the team Anchor. The lyrics were co-written by Bumzu, Baekho from NU'EST, Hayoung, Jiwon and Seoyeon.

Fromis_9 To. Day Mini Album Cover

All 8 members of Fromis_9 also wrote Close To You. Iggy and Youngbae - the producers of the title song of To. Heart - came back to compose Clover and First Love.

The second of Fromis_9 albums managed to reach number 4 on the Gaon weekly chart. It later became the 14th best-selling Korean release of June 2018 with 14,642 units sold.

There are 2 different physical versions of the second of Fromis_9 albums - D-1 (pink cover) and D-Day (red cover). The contents come in a sturdy boxes, which connect on front. Both versions consist of a CD disk (120 x 120 mm), a photobook with a beautiful pictures of the members (140 x 190 mm), 1 random paper desktop stand showcasing a single member of Fromis_9 (103 x 108 mm), a random bookmark depicting 1 cartoon animal (8 options, 30 x 80 mm), a special card with a unique number similar to the one from To. Heart (55 x 90 mm), and 2 photo cards randomly selected from 2 different lots of 8 sheets each, of a standard size of 55 x 85 mm. The CDs and photobooks are different in both D-1 and D-Day versions, all other goods are the same.

From.9 Special Single Album

From.9 is the first single album of the group and the third Fromis_9 album overall. It was released by Off the Record and Stone Music Entertainment. Gyuri came back after her hiatus due to participation in Produce 48 ended. The single is composed of 5 songs including Love Bomb, Dancing Queen, Coloring, and 2 physical release only tracks - the new versions (featuring Gyuri) of both DKDK (From.9 ver.) and 22nd Century Girl (From.9 ver.).

Love Bomb is the title song. It was composed by Mayu Wakisaka, Sean Alexander and David Amber. The arrangement was prepared by Amber and AVENUE 52. Seoyeon co-wrote Coloring.

Fromis_9 From.9 Special Single Album Cover

The album reached number 3 on the Gaon chart in the week between October 7 and 13, 2018, and was the highest ranked release of any KPop girl group that week. It sold 29,184 copies during the whole October and became the 10th best-seller of the month.

The third of Fromis_9 albums is available in 1 version, with a heart-shaped window in the front cover. It measures 150 x 150 mm and comes in a hardcover photobook form. Inside the package you will find a CD disk with the music, an 88 pages photobook (146 x 146 mm), a random invitation featuring a silhouette of a single member in a red dress (130 x 70 mm), a folded group mini poster (120 x 100 mm), and 2 photo cards chosen randomly out of 18 variants (2 per member). The size of the photo cards is 55 x 85 mm.

A Kihno version was also released. It comes in a standard box of a size of 60 x 90 mm, and consists of the Kit itself (60 x 60 mm), and a set of 10 photo cards measuring 54 x 86 mm.

Fun Factory Single Album

The second single (labeled as the first) of Fromis_9 titled Fun Factory came out under Stone Music and Off the Record on June 4, 2019. Genie Music Corporation Korea was responsible for the distribution. On the CD you will find 3 songs including the main track Fun!, Love RumPumPum and Fly High. Fun! was composed by Drew Ryan Scott, Sean Michael Alexander and Melodesign, and arranged by Avenue 52 and Melodesign.

Woozi of Seventeen co-produced and co-wrote Love RumPumPum. Hayoung and Jiwon composed Fly High (alongside Nmore), and provided the lyrics for the song.

Fromis_9 Fun Factory Single Album Cover

Fun Factory was the biggest success of all Fromis_9 albums when it comes to sales during the first week of the release. It ended the week on the 2nd position only behind WJSN's first summer special album titled For The Summer. The single sold 49,850 units in June and was the 9th best-selling Korean release of the month. It sold 56,121 copies during the whole year 2019 and became the 91st most popular album of the year.

The physical edition of the Fromis_9 album is available in 2 versions - Fun (orange cover) and Factory (pink cover), both measuring 220 x 260 mm. They come with a CD disk, an 84 pages photobook, 1 sheet of drawing clear stickers (70 x 140 mm), and 2 standard sized photo cards randomly selected out of 18 options (2 per member). The stickers are not pre-cut, you will have to cut them by yourself.

1 poster for each of the versions was prepared. Both measure 594 x 420 mm.

For the second time a Fromis_9 album comes in a Kihno format. There are 2 versions of Kihno edition in a standard package size of 60 x 90 mm. Inside the package you will find the Air Kit (60 x 60 mm), and a set of 10 photo cards of a size of 54 x 80 mm.

My Little Society Mini Album

The third of Fromis_9 mini albums titled My Little Society had its premiere on September 16, 2020 under Off the Record and Stone Music Entertainment. Stone Music distributed the EP along with Genie Music. Seoyeon did not participate in the promotions due to her leg injury.

On the CD you will find 5 songs including Feel Good (Secret Code), Weather, Starry Night, Somebody to Love and Fish. Feel Good was chosen as the main track. It was produced by Lee Woo Min 'Collapsedone', Justin Reinstein and J Jean. It was written by Chosim and Seo Ji Eum. Starry Night was co-composed and co-wrote by Fromis_9's Seoyeon. Saerom helped with the lyrics of Somebody to Love and Fish (with Jiwon).

Fromis_9 My Little Society Mini Album Cover

The fifth of Fromis_9 albums debuted at number 2 on the weekly Gaon chart. It sold 43,150 copies in September 2020 and was the 11th best-selling Korean release of the month, and the highest placed girl group on the list.

My Little Society is available in 2 physical versions - My Account (pink cover) and My Society (blue cover). Both are composed of a CD disk, a photobook with 72 pages of pictures (170 x 230 mm), 1 random mini card of a size of 60 x 90 mm (9 options), and 2 regular photo cards featuring a single member (18 sheets, 2 of each member) or a unit (8 sheets), chosen randomly out of 26 variants. If you want to complete the whole collection you will have to gather a total number of 52 photo cards.

Additionally, if you pre-ordered your copy of the Fromis_9 album, you could get 2 bonus items including 1 sheet of stickers (150 x 200 mm), and a group poster of a dimensions of 420 x 594 mm. The stickers are not pre-cut.

All merchandise are unique to the version of the EP you'll be buying.

The Kihno edition prepared for this release comes in a cardboard box of a dimensions of 100 x 134 x 36 mm. Inside the box you will find an Air Kit (60 x 60 x 13 mm), the title card (90 x 123 mm), a group postcard (90 x 123 mm), and 18 photo cards in a set featuring exclusive photos of the members (85 x 119 mm).

9 Way Ticket Single Album

9 Way Ticket is the third single album of Fromis_9. It came out under Off the Record on May 17, 2021 and was distributed by Stone Music Entertainment. It consists of 3 songs including Airplane Mode, We Go and Promise. A music video for the title track We Go was released on the same day as the premiere. The composition was made by Park Ki-tae and Elum from a production team Prismfilter.

The single managed to reach number 4 on the weekly chart of Gaon. It also peaked at the 9th position on the Japanese Oricon chart.

Fromis_9 9 Way Ticket Single Album Cover

There are 3 different physical versions available. You can get either 1 of 2 regular versions (Ticket To Seoul and 9 Travelers) or a Kihno edition. The normal edition measures 150 x 180 mm and includes a CD disk, an 80 pages photobook, 2 randomly selected photo cards included from a lot of 18 unique pieces, an ID card with the informations about a random member, and 1 postcard.

1 gropu poster was prepared for this release. Its dimensions are 594 x 420 mm.

The Kihno edition comes in a rectangular boxed format. Inside the box you will find the Air Kit, the title and credits card, a group postcard, and probably the most interesting piece of merchandise, a set of 18 photo cards with some exclusive pictures that can be only found with this version of 9 Way Ticket.

Talk & Talk Single Album

The fourth single album of the group titled Talk & Talk had its premiere on September 1, 2021, this time under Pledis Entertainment. It was distributed by Hybe and YG Plus, Inc, Korea. Only a lead track of the same title was included on the album. It was produced by Andreas Carlsson, Denzil Remedios, Ryan S. Jhun, Anna Timgren and Stephen Stahl.

Fromis_9 Talk & Talk Single Album Cover

The single peaked at number 9 on the Gaon weekly chart.

Physically, Talk & Talk is available in 1 version measuring 150 x 180 mm. It has a blue cover featuring an illustration of a telephone. Inside the package you will find a CD disk in a dark blue paper envelope, a photobook with 80 pages full of pictures of the members of Fromis_9, 1 randomly selected postcard (out of 9 variants), 3 standard-sized photo cards added at random from a lot of 27 different sheets, and a square sticker of a size of 60 x 60 mm.

Midnight Guest Mini Album

Midnight Guest is the fourth extended play of the group. It was released by Pledis on January 17, 2022, and distributed by Hybe and YG Plus. 5 songs are featured on the CD - Escape Room, DM, Love is Around (performed by Saerom, Hayoung, Gyuri and Chaeyoung), Hush Hush (performed by Jiwon, Jisun, Seoyeon, Nagyung, and Jiheon), and 0g. DM was chosen as the lead single.

The mini album was a big success. It reached number 2 on the weekly Gaon chart, number 3 on the Oricon chart, and number 4 on the Hot Albums chart of Billboard Japan. With the sales equal 134,003 copies it was the 5th biggest seller of January of 2022. Additional 7,251 copies were sold the next month. It also sold out all 6,000 units of the Kihno edition.

Fromis_9 Midnight Guest Mini Album Cover

Midnight Guest came out in 2 regular versions (Before Midnight and After Midnight), and 2 Kihno versions of the same names.

The normal edition measures 200 x 150 x 10 mm and features a selection of keys on the cover. Beside the CD disk you will get a 72 pages photobook with some gorgeous pictures of the whole group, 1 postcard included randomly out of 9 options, 1 mini card selected out of 9 variants, a film photo included at random out of 12 unique sheets, 2 normal photo cards added randomly from a lot of 18 unique options, and a lyric paper sized 297 x 420 mm. A single poster featuring all Fromis_9 members was issued for this record.

Both Kihno versions are of a square size and measure 100 x 100 x 30 mm. Inside each of the boxes you will find an Air Kit (60 x 60 x 13 mm), a title and credit card, 9 square photo cards in a set, and 1 regular photo card selected out of 9 variants.

From Our Memento Box Mini Album

The fifth extended play of the group is titled From Our Memento Box. It came out under Pledis on June 27, 2022 and is composed of 5 tracks - Up And, Stay This Way, Blind Letter, Cheese, and Rewind. Stay This Way was selected as the lead single. Blind Letter was co-produced by a South Korean artist Adora.

This is the last release Fromis_9 to feature Jang Gyu-ri as a member. She departed from the group in July of 2022.

The mini album topped the weekly Gaon chart. It was the 5th most-purchased release of June 2022 in South Korea with the sales equal 137,232 units. It also sold 17,454 copies of the Weverse edition, and 11,251 copies of the Kihno Kit.

There are 6 different physical versions of From Our Memento Box. That includes 3 normal (Wish, Dream and Memory), 2 Kihno, and a special digital Weverse edition (without any medium inside the package).

Fromis_9 From Our Memento Box Mini Album Cover

The normal verions are of a size of 250 x 188 mm and come with a CD disk in an envelope, a clear deco sticker of a diameter of 70 x 70 mm, 1 photo ticket depicting a random member of Fromis_9, 2 photo cards selected at random out of 18 options, 1 bookmark (50 x 150 mm), and finally 5 sheets of lyric card measuring 130 x 130 mm.

A group poster was included inside the package with some of the first press copies of the album.

The Kihno edition measures 100 x 100 x 30 mm. There are 2 versions available - Wish and Dream. Both contain the Air Kit, a card with title and credits, a set of 9 square photo cards measuring 85 x 85 mm, and a random photo card selected from a lot of 9 options.

To commemorate the premiere of the extended play, the members also released a selection of merchandise. That includes aesthetically consistent items such as a message bottle, 2cut photos, a set of postcards with a stand, and a set composed of an instant photos and keyring.