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Eric Nam Albums

There are currently 6 Eric Nam albums available. 2 of them are studio albums and all other are extended plays. They were released by B2M Entertainment, and starting with Before We Begin by Loen Entertainment. They were distributed by Loen Entertainment, CJ E&M Corp. Korea (later as Stone Music Entertainment) and Genie Music Corporation Korea. The artist debuted with his first extended play Cloud 9 in 2013.

Here's the list of all Eric Nam albums in order.

Cloud 9 Mini Album

The artist debuted with his first extended play titled Cloud 9 on January 23, 2013. It was released by B2M Entertainment and distributed by Loen Entertainment. On the CD you will find 5 songs including Travel - Prologue, Heaven's Door, Erase, Mirage and Love Song. Heaven's Door serves as the title track.

Eric Nam Cloud 9 Mini Album Cover

The first of Eric Nam albums peaked at number 22 on the Gaon Weekly Chart, and sold 928 copies in its first month of the debut reaching number 77 on the list of most popular albums of the month.

The physical edition of Cloud 9 is square and consists of the CD disk with the music, and a small photobook with some interesting photos, drawings, and lyrics of all the songs.

Interview Mini Album

The second of Eric Nam albums is the extended play titled Interview. It came out under B2M Entertainment on March 24, 2016. It was manufactured and distributed by CJ E&M Corp. Korea. The EP is composed of 5 songs - the lead Good for You, Interview, Stop the Rain, No Comment and the English version of the main track.

Eric Nam Interview Mini Album Cover

It reached number 12 on the Gaon weekly chart. It sold 2,150 copies in March 2016 and eventually became the 40th best-selling album in South Korea that month.

The physical edition of this Eric Nam album comes in a rectangular photobook form with a picture of Eric on a white cover alongside his name and the album's title. It consists of a CD disk with the music, placed behind the front cover, and the photobook with beautiful pictures of the vocalist. Inside you will find the lyrics of all tracks.

Honestly Mini Album

The third EP and the third of Eric Nam albums overall was released by B2M on April 11, 2018. Stone Music Entertainment (previously known as CJ E&M) manufactured the physical edition and provided the distribution. There are 6 songs featured including the title song of the same name as the album, Potion (with a South Korean rapper and singer Woodie Gochild), This Is Not a Love Song, Lose You, Don't Call Me and the acoustic version of Honestly available only on the physical edition. Two tracks - Lose You and Don't Call Me, are entirely in English.

The lead single was composed by Jake Torrey, Rachel Siegel and Eric Nam, with the arrangement by Lee Jeong Jang and Van Dejelou. The lyrics were written by Eric along with Jay Kim.

Eric Nam Honestly Mini Album Cover

The soloist was credited as a co-composer of all the songs, and helped with the lyrics for all of them except Potion.

Honestly peaked at number 20 on the weekly Gaon chart. It later became the 49th most popular release in Korea with 2,865 units sold.

The EP is available in 1 physical version. It comes with a CD disk placed behind the back cover, a photobook consisting of some nice pictures of the artist, and 1 photo card chosen randomly out of 10 different variants.

1 poster was issued for the third of Eric Nam albums.

Before We Begin Studio Album

Before We Begin is the first English studio album of Eric Nam. It had its premiere on November 14, 2019 under Stone Music Entertainment, and distributed by the company. It contains 8 songs - Come Through, Love Die Young, Congratulations (with an American singer and songwriter Marc E. Bassy), You're Sexy I'm Sexy, How'm I Doing, Wonder, No Shame, and Runaway (with an American DJ, producer and songwriter Steve James). The is the first of Eric Nam albums sung entirely in English.

Congratulations serves as the lead track. It was produced by Rabitt, Boy Matthews, Shae Jacobs, Marc Griffin and Eric. Love Die Young was previously released as a single on October 30, 2019.

Eric Nam Before We Begin Mini Album Cover

To support this Eric Nam album, a world tour of the same title was organized. Eric was scheduled to visit 33 cities in Asia, North and South America, and give 35 performances. The tour began in Taipei, Taiwan on January 9, 2020, and concluded prematurely with a concert in San Francisco on March 10. Two events in Los Angeles were postponed while all 4 dates in South America were canceled.

The EP reached the 23rd position on the Gaon weekly chart. It was 59th best-selling album of November 2019 with 3,579 copies sold.

The physical edition of Before We Begin comes with a CD disk in an envelope attached to the back side of the front cover, a photobook with pictures, and 1 postcard selected randomly out of 4 variants.

1 poster was issued for the Eric Nam album.

1 random special photo card (of 2 versions) were included in the package as a pre-order benefit if you ordered your copy earlier through MyMusicTaste.

The Other Side Mini Album

The fourth extended play of the artist - and the fifth of Eric Nam albums - titled The Other Side was released by Stone Music Entertainment on July 30, 2020, and distributed by Genie Music Corporation Korea. It is composed of 5 tracks including Trouble With You, Paradise, How You Been, Down For You, and a Korean version of an English track Love Die Young released on Before We Begin. Eric Nam was involved in either composing or writing the lyrics for all the songs.

Paradise was chosen as the main track. It was composed by Eric Nam, Jason Yik Nam Wu, Shae Jacobs, and arranged by Rabitt. It was written by Young K and Eric.

Eric Nam The Other Side Mini Album Cover

The Other Side debuted on the 14th position on the weekly Gaon chart and reached the sales of 4,016 units in the first month of the release, becoming the 63rd most popular album of July, 2020.

The fourth EP of Eric Nam comes in 1 physical version, as a hardcover photobook with a dust jacket. Inside the package you will find a CD disk, a 102 pages photobook, and 1 random photo card added randomly out of 5 different variants.

1 poster was prepared for this Eric Nam album.

There and Back Again Studio Album

There and Back Again is the second full-length album of Eric Nam after Before We Begin. It premiered on January 7, 2022 under the artist's own company The Eric Nam Company, Inc. It features 7 original songs including Lost On Me, I Don't Know You Anymore, Any Other Way, Wildfire, What If, Admit, One Way Lover. 2 of the songs were selected as the lead singles. That includes I Don't Know You Anymore and Any Other Way. The first of them was pre-relased in October of 2021.

Eric Nam There and Back Again Studio Album Cover

To support the release of the studio album, a concert world tour was organized. It was titled the same as the name of the record.

There and Back Again reached number 21 on the Gaon weekly chart and very quickly sold more than 5,000 copies.

The physical edition comes in a photobook format depicting the soloist. Its dimensions are 150 x 200 x 14 mm. It is composed of a CD disk placed in a red envelope, a photobook with 104 pages featuring a carefully selected pictures, and 1 photo card included at random out of 6 options. All of them are of a regular size you can get with any other KPop album and measure 55 x 85 mm.