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BTS Paintings

If you are a creative person, you're constantly looking for something to engage in, and you're thirsty for some original ideas, the official DIY BTS paintings can be a great collectibles to own. They will give you hours of a good entertainment. There are several examples of the product released by a Korean company iLovePainting. The paintings will definitely allow you to spend your time fruitfully (while listening to the albums of the group of course), and can be quite useful if you decide to hang them on the wall to decorate your room. Let's see what items are currently available.

The first example of BTS paintings is a selection of a traditional canvas based artworks. There are seven different options, which is really important if you wants to choose your favorite member. You can get either Jin, Jungook, V, Jimin, J-Hope, RM or Suga. Each of them is holding a red rose and is featured on a light green background. Each set contains almost a dozen of accessories.

BTS DIY Paintings

Inside the package you will find a canvas with an outline of a chosen member with numbered areas, a set of acrylic paint in small tubes, three different premium brushes in various thickness, a black arm warmer, paint box with many compartments, a design table sheet, a product sheet with a guide how to make the BTS painting, 2 iron wall rings with three legged hooks, a horizontal meter and finally a coating material. As you can see you don't need any additional accessories, everything is included in the package. All comes in a beautiful pink box with the logo on the front, and with a handle so you can carry it around.

The creating process of this BTS painting is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is find the right paint taking into account what's written on the product guide sheet. All numbers are clearly visible on the canvas and on each of the tubes. Then you have to open the paint using the paint rid and put it in the compartment. The last step is to paint the canvas with the appropriate color. It is recommended to use the light colors first. Now you have to left the BTS painting to dry and thinly cover it with the coating material, which will help in preventing discoloration.

The next BTS paintings selection is very similar to the first one, but features some different ideas. It showcases the same pictures but does not use any paint but cubics. It features a wooden frame covered with canvas, so it will be easier to hang it on your wall.

The package contains a canvas of a size of 400 x 500 mm inspired by the members, many cubic packets containing a variety of colors, a set of pens along with three different accessories, a solid glue in three containers, a set of green trays, a design guide with the color table which will be needed to complete the artwork, and finally three different things to hang the BTS painting on the wall - iron rings, hooks and horizontal meter. Everything is carefully packed in a pink box.

BTS DIY Diamond Paintings

The instruction is quite easy - all you have to do is find the right cubic beads based on what is written in the guide and put it on the canvas using the pen. The pen accessories will allow you to attach several cubic beads at a time. After completion you should press the canvas with a thick book.

Next we have the second version of the cubic BTS paintings, which is very similar to the previous one. As the two previous examples there are 7 options to choose from - Jin, J-Hope, Jimin, Suga, RM, Jungkook and V. This time each of the members is photographed with a fruit.

BTS DIY Diamond Paintings Ver. 2

Inside the package you will find all the items you are already familiar with - canvas, cubic beads, a set of pens with accessories, a solid glue set, tray set, design table, rings, hooks and horizontal meter. One difference is the package - it is purple instead of pink.

Similarly to the previous example you just need to paste the beads in the canvas using the corresponding numbers and shapes.

There is also the third version of the BTS painting. It practically contains the same accessories, but this time in a black box. The pictures used in this product feature the members in a more elegant attires on a black background.

BTS DIY Diamond Painting Ver. 3

If you're looking for a BTS painting with all members on a single canvas there is an option you will gladly add to your collection. The group painting is much wider than the previous one - it measures 1400 x 600 mm. The DIY kit contains a frame you have to assemble by yourself. It is composed of several smaller parts.

BTS DIY Diamond Painting G1

There is only two variants of this diamond set to choose from. They are composed of the rectangular canvas, a set of trays (this time you'll get four instead of three), a set of four pens, many different transparent plastic bags full of cubic beads, and the disassembled frame.

The first variant depicts the members sitting on the floor wearing a casual clothes. On the second BTS painting you can spot the members sitting by the table, on a much darker background. Both can be very decorative so if you have an empty spot on your wall but lack any ideas, you should definitely think about getting yourself this collectible.

BTS DIY Diamond Painting G2

The last example is a little bit different. This time the cartoon alter egos of the members called TinyTan are featured. The cartoon characters were introduced back in 2019 during the opening of a pop-up store titled House Of BTS. This BTS painting was offered at the store, which was located at the Gangnam-gu in Seoul. It operated for a total number of 80 days between October 18, 2019 and January 5, 2020. During this time the customers had an opportunity to acquire a big range of collectibles including mugs, mini figurines, T-shirts, luggage tags and even diffusers. Three other stores opened - in Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka.

BTS Cartoon Character DIY Paintings

The BTS paintings are similar to those from the beginning of this article. There are seven square options to choose from, each with a cartoon likeness of a single member of BTS.

Each DIY diamond painting set features all seven characters on the box and is composed of the canvas itself, a set of 23 acrylic paint containers, 3 premium brushes, and two iron rings which will be helpful to hang your creation on your wall. It is a relatively easy task - just mark the location on the back of the canvas using a ruler, attach the circular part of the iron ring to the spot you marked and tighten the screw using a screwdriver.

The dimensions of the canvas are 250 x 250 mm. All paint containers are numbered so it is easy to identify what color you should use.